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White Out Colored Contact Lenses

Human physiology has always been observed, studied and recorded, not just for biological purposes but for discovering the link between appearance, physiology and personality traits. Like hair color, the shapes of hands, nose, nails and eyes. The common belief of eyes being the windows to the soul, is not just widely accepted but to an extent, undeniable. And if this concept has deep roots, then the color of the iris cannot be ignored. Like, Asians have black or brown eyes and they have a craving for shades of green or blue eye color. Similarly, Europeans admire dusky shades.

But despite this never ending debate over which eye color is the most desired, a new concept of “White out Colored Contact Lenses” surprised the fashion and glam world in recent times. The idea of having a White Iris is not just spooky but daring, as well.

What Do White Out Lenses reveal about your Personality?

The first question, which every person who has been informed about white colored lenses is, why? Why should one opt for white colored lenses and the answer is equally simple, why not? The idea of using contact lenses is merely to change the natural color of your eye, so when people can try colors, then why not white colored lenses? Eyes, those are devoid of any color.

The second question asked is what’s the impact, even if we opt for these lenses? The answer is equally natural, white lenses will not just make you look unique and daring but they add mystic and dramatic aura to your appearance.

White out colored lenses are available in such a vast variety, shape and design, that you can be anything that you have ever wanted. White out colored lenses not just enhance the shape of your eyes but they make them look wide, giving you ample room for different make-up styles.

What Kind of makeup should you wear with White Out Lenses?

It’s not necessary that you have to dress up in a Halloween costume only, so as to add more drama with your white colored lenses. Instead, you can apply different make-up techniques to give you that Rock star or Model look. Different styles of eyeliner, with a wide range of eye shades and lip colors will enhance your white colored lenses.

Hereby, we have listed our favorite makeup picks.

  • Cat Look

The cat white out lenses with cat eyeliner in black and green eye shade, will turn heads even on the street. Any Ball room dance party or that special occasion where you want to shine amongst the rest can become a reality with this look. You don’t need a cat costume to look seductive, anymore.

  • Cleopatra Eyes

Cleopatra eyes, with deep black kohl and silver, glittery eyeliner and white colored lenses of any design, will not just create the effect of deep and dreamy eyes but they will actually give you the aura of Cleopatra.

  • Funky Look

For a funky look, you can always wear the spider web, white colored lenses with a red eyeliner, glittery green eye shade and nude lipstick. Similarly, you can have the mermaid look with a dark green eyeliner, blue glittery eye shade and red lipstick.

Play with colors girl as white out colored contact lenses are your new canvas.

Events to which you can wear White Colored Eye lenses

Well, no denying the fact that it is almost a must accessory for Halloween. Zombies with normal eyes are a thing of the past, give it the real affect by choosing the scariest eyes or be an E.T (Extra Terrestrial) or the Mutant and steal the show.

But, is that all? The answer is NO. Let your imagination run wild, be Cleopatra with thick Kohl and white colored lenses at a costume party, Be a spider man with cob web white lenses, Batman or Cat woman at your child’s or any kid’s Birthday party. Be the gypsy at your sleep over with friends or steal the show at a carnival.

White our Colored lenses give you all the freedom, all the mystery and all the drama that you have always wanted in your life, to look unique, stylish and awesome.

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