Sports Glasses for Kids

Modern technology has come with a multitude of benefits and its innovations have yielded many advantages for mankind. Sports’ protective eye wear is also such an innovation which can claim a myriad of perks to its name. These sports glasses for kids and athletes protect eyes during all sorts of sports and as a consequence all eye injuries caused during sports can be avoided. Just a while ago sports eye wear used to be very rare but now it can easily be spotted on almost anyone, whatever game/sport it might be. Not only do these sports glasses successfully reduce the chances of sports-related eye injuries but they also improve your visual performance which as a corollary improves your sports performance.

Despite this multitude of benefits which comes with these sports glasses for kids, children might resist to wearing them, claiming that they look funny and ridiculous. However, with the way things are turning up, sports goggles are going to be as accepted and even mandatory just as protective helmets are for riding bikes. So gear up your kids and get them sports glasses. Why so? Keep reading to find out.

What do the Statistics say?

Statistics suggest that every year more than 40,000 sports related eye injuries are treated in emergency rooms. These sports do not necessarily have to be contact sports. Even non-contact sports such as badminton can be a cause for eye-injuries. What you need to remember is that any sports in which flying objects or balls or racquets or any other such sports equipment is present is capable of causing you an eye-injury.

Even though non-contact sports such as badminton, tennis etc. appear to be relatively harmless, however it is important that you remember that these sports have objects in them such as racquets which are moving incredibly fast, at times 60 miles per hour. In fact, this intensity can range in between 60 to 200 miles per hour in a typical game. Also, there is always a great possibility of getting pokes and jabs in the eyes from either fingers or elbows during the game. So sports glasses for kids and athletes are indeed a must.

What to look for in sports glasses for kids?

One fact which you need to get acquainted with at this juncture is that sports glasses are unlike prescription glasses, sun glasses and other industrial safety glasses. Sports glasses are specially manufactured keeping in view the adequate amount of protection required during sports.

  • Styles

These glasses are diverse as far as their shapes and sizes are concerned. They are designed with sports-specific features. At times, they may even be fitted with helmets or they may be designed in such a way that they have the capacity to fit in helmets for sports such as football, baseball, hockey etc.

  • Materials

Polycarbonate is usually deployed in order to make lens for sports glasses. This is mostly because polycarbonate happens to be very resistant to impact. As a consequence, it is a feasible wear in environments that involve lots of fast-moving objects.

Another feature which this material can claim to its name is that it offers premium protection from ultra-violet rays. This ultra-violet protection makes it a coveted commodity for outdoor sports.

However, polycarbonate lens do have a shortcoming as well. They are very prone to scratches and can get scratched easily. For this very reason, almost all sports glasses are now coming with a protective coating on both sides of the lens.

  • Eye wear frame

Although polycarbonate is the generic lens deployed in all sports glasses, however the frames may differ since different sports have different requirements which need to be catered to. This has led to the development of sports-specific frames which are now available in the market. Generally most frames are conjugated with a rubber padding as well so that it can provide cushioning to the head and nose when the frame comes in contact with them. Some frames are contoured in such a manner that they get wrapped around the facial structures. These sports glasses are specifically manufactured for sports such as hand-gliding, biking etc.

Fitting considerations in Sports glasses for kids
  1. The glasses must be properly fitted to the kid.
  2. Large, ill-fitting frames would compromise eye-protection.
  3. Do not allow your kids to continue wearing sports glasses which they have outgrown. This will only increase the chances of eye injuries.
  4. It is best that you review your child’s sports glasses every year to check whether or not they fit perfectly.
  5. You need to ensure that the eyes are centered in the lens area, both vertically and horizontally.

All of these considerations are very important because ill-fitting frames would obstruct the child’s peripheral vision and be uncomfortable, prompting the child to leave them off and thus increasing his/her exposure to eye-injuries.

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