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Special Effect Contact Lenses

Special Effect Contact LensesThe name of these lenses is pretty self-explanatory since it enables one to deduce easily that these lenses are used to create a special effect. These soft contacts are generally deployed for use in theaters or other circumstances where a novel look is desired. It doesn’t really matter whether your eye sight is perfectly okay or whether you are suffering from such vision impairment. These lens can cater to both these needs.

Solar Blue Crazy Special effect Contact LensesBluntly put, special effect contact lenses can be purely cosmetic or they can have the power of vision correction. It all depends upon the particular requirements of the user. However, that being said, it is important to note that FDA has classified visual effect contact lenses as medical devices and thus in order to purchase them you would have to get a prescription from your eye specialist. If this word of caution has put you on edge then you need to relax. These lens are perfectly safe to wear, given that you have a proper prescription for them, take adequate care of them and buy them from a legitimate source.

History of Special Effect Contacts

Flame Crazy Special Effect Contact LensesSpecial effect contact lenses aren’t as recent as you may assume. The film industry has been using these lenses, manufactured by Morton Greenspoon, since the 1950s. Dr. Greenspoon used this lens in his movie Flaming Star. They were also used in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Pirates of Caribbean and the Twilight Saga.

However, this doesn’t imply that you have to be a celebrity and walk on the red carpet if you want to wear these lens.  All you have to do is put on your favorite lens and voila you will get into the shoes of your favorite character.

How do Special Effect Contact Lenses work?

Black Spiral Funky Contact LensesPeople are generally curious about how special effect contact lenses work. In order to satisfy this appetite of curiosity, we would be briefly elaborating how these lens tend to work. These lens come with an opaque tint. What this tint does is that it completely masks your natural eye color. However, the lens’s center which falls right over your pupil is transparent, allowing you to have a clear vision. A wide array of dramatic colors as well as designs are present out there for you to choose from

Generally, special effect contact lenses tend to get confused with cosmetic or novelty lens. Some characteristics might be the same but the major difference is that most special effect contacts do not merely cover the iris i.e. colored portion of your eye. Rather they also encompass your sclera i.e. the white portion of your eye. Thus, the effect which is produced is truly very haunting.

Trends & Designs Special Effect Contacts

Optical Special Effect Contact LensesNow that you are well acquainted with what FX contact lenses are and how do they work, you may be wondering what trends and designs are available in these lens. Mostly, the designs are almost always inspired by popular movies, books and TV shows. There is a huge never ending array of designs and colors for you to choose from when it comes to special effect contact lens.

There are contact lens with a black sclera, those with a red sclera, those with a yellow sclera and those with a white sclera. There can be wild contact lens, cat eyes contact lens etc. The popular movie serials Twilight, New Moon and Breaking Dawn inspired red and amber contact lens for creating that special effect which we talked about formerly. Alice in Wonderland inspired green lens whereas Avatar inspired yellow alien lens. Supernatural designs such as those of vampires, zombies and werewolves etc. have remained a popular favorite as well.

Where to buy FX Contact Lenses from?

  • It has already been mentioned that in order to buy FX contact lenses, you need to get a prescription from your doctor and then buy the lens from a legitimate
  • You can either get these lens from professional eye care chains (opticians) or from online retailers, however make sure that these online retailers are legitimate sources.

Where shouldn’t you buy FX Contact Lenses from?

  • Lava Scary Contact LensesMake sure that you do not buy it from any unauthorized source which doesn’t ask for a prescription from an eye specialist.
  • Do not buy these lens from street vendors, flea markets or beauty parlors.

Safety Precautions 

Statistics suggest that people wearing cosmetic non-prescriptive contact lenses have a 16 percent greater chance of incurring an eye infection as compared to those people who wear corrective lens that are appropriately prescribed by eye specialists. Do not buy lenses which have not been approved by the FDA since by doing otherwise you would be placing yourself on the turf of danger. So it is best to avoid the risks of sterile packaging and improper manufacturing.

Starry Eye Special Effect Contact LensesMoreover, merely buying lenses which have been approved by the FDA wouldn’t fit the bill. Rather, it is crucially important that you also got those lenses fitted to your eyes. Lens that do not fit your eyes properly would most likely lead to corneal infections, abrasions and other vision problems.

Cost of FX Contacts Lenses

Generally the cost of special effect contact lenses is almost similar to other colored contact lenses. The prices may vary from one brand to the next, however as a general rule, customized or hand painted lens tend to be comparatively expensive.

In a nutshell, special effect contact lenses can enable you to produce any astounding effect that you like, however in order to have a safe lens experience, make sure that you buy them from an authorized source.

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