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Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

Non prescription colored contact lenses is a very much feasible option for people who do not require any vision correction but merely seek to enhance their looks by changing their eye color. Since there are just so many options available out there for non-prescription colored contact lens, therefore you can choose any color that compliments your apparel and goes with the rest of your makeover.

Non-prescription lenses are trending heavily as people continue to get them for parties and other occasions such as Halloween. It comes as no surprise these days to see someone sporting non-prescription vampire lens and going down your sidewalk. There are wide array of non-prescription colored contact lenses available online. There is an immense diversity in the range of colors and therefore you can find lenses in all shades of blue, brown, green etc.

However, there are individuals who seem to deem non-prescription colored lenses to be both expensive and dangerous. To counter such hazards, there are necessary precautions that you can take. Firstly, avoid lenses that are ill-fitting. Secondly, get your eyes consulted by a professional and take his/her advice on what type of non-prescription lens would suit you the best. You can also get your eyes subjected to a test later on to find out if there are any negative side-effects. All these precautions would make sure that you look beautiful and remain safe.

What Are Colored Contact Lenses Without Prescription

At this juncture, you might be wondering what are non-prescription colored contact lenses. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. These are colored contact lens which can be worn without prescription. Why so? Because you do not need vision correction.

Anyone can buy these lens at any time and doesn’t need a prescription or a recommendation from an oculist to do so. Main reason behind getting these lens is to enhance one’s looks or to dazzle one’s onlookers.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can buy non-prescription lens from any cheap drug store and voila! All is taken care of. No, it doesn’t happen like that. If you want to be both safe and beautiful, then you need to get your lenses checked by an eye specialist to ensure whether they fit you properly or not.

Ill-fitting lens can make you end up with some very nasty eye complications, therefore you ought to be very careful about this.

Events at Which You can Wear Non Prescription Contacts

If you are clear about what non-prescription colored contact lenses are by now, you might be wondering when to wear them. Hereby, we have listed down several events and occasions where you can bask in the glory of these colored contacts.

  • Halloween Parties: Such parties are incomplete without lenses. These are special lenses which are made specifically for Halloween and complement your costume magnificently. Also, there is a myriad of non-prescription Halloween lenses to choose from. You can find vampire lenses, cat eye lenses, scary monster lenses and creepy zombie lenses, weary werewolf lenses, wicked witch lenses and many more.
  • Floral Parties: Floral parties are supposed to be pretty and dainty. Yet, there is nothing more beautiful than a pair of cool colored lenses on a floral party. Whatever your summer dress may be, conjugate it with a suitable pair of lenses, preferably blue over yellow and cappuccino over pink etc. These pretty combinations would enhance the beauty of flowers around you and make you the party’s favorite
  • Meeting up Friends: Friends’ hang outs and meet-ups are a casual affair. Imagine how excited your friends would be and how they’ll enjoy your brilliant-eyed sight; or how you’ll make heads turn to look at you as you walk into your favorite café with your friends.
  • For Slightly More Formal Events: Colored contact lens can also work wonders in formal events. We are not suggesting you to go give your job interview wearing outlandish lenses, nor are we advising you to bewilder your colleagues with your vividly colored lenses during a project presentation. However, you can opt for lens that are subtle and that enhance your natural looks. People with attractive eyes are generally seen to be doing better at their jobs, therefore you too should get hold of a pair of such non prescription colored contact lenses which bring out the best in you.
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