Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Glasses are like your statement accessory. They can make a huge impact on your appearance and therefore it is vital that you know how to carry off your glasses well. This also includes knowing what type of makeup complements your glasses. Hereby, we have jotted together several amazing makeup tips for girls with glasses which will make you look your best and make your ‘nerdy-look’ a huge success.

  1. Say No to Dark Shadows

Girls who wear glasses frequently complain of dark shadows under and around their eyes. The first step in your make up routine is to say farewell to these dark shadows. A light-toned foundation can help combat this issue. Apply this foundation around your eyes and make it go down your nose’s center. This technique would lighten up your eyes and give you a fresher appearance.

  1. Set Your Eyebrows

There are no hard and fast rules for styling your eyebrows. It largely depends on your glasses’ size and shape as well as the thickness of your eyebrows.

At present, thick and well-defined eyebrows with a nice arch are trending however if you choose to wear big frames that stand out boldly, then you might to go a little downscale with your eyebrows.

On the contrary, if you wear considerably lighter frames which have a more subtle look to them, then you may want to consider filling up your brows with a natural color which doesn’t make your eyes look overdone but is catchy enough to attract attention to your eyes. You can either use an eyebrow pencil or powder for filling up your brows. Make sure that you are following your eyebrows’ natural arch while filling in this color.

  1. Your Choice of Eyeliners

You may have heard a lot of times that you ought to conjugate your glasses with light, natural looking eye makeup. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case always. It all depends on you. If you wish to go bold with your eye makeup, then go ahead. Thick eye lashes that add a high definition to your eyes, cat eyeliners and poppy eye shadows are all various ways to accentuate your eyes; but make sure that you do not choose colors which directly clash with the color of your frame.

  1. What’s Next For Your Lips

Lips and Eyes are the most attractive features of any face and therefore it is necessary that you accentuate both these features, however you need to be careful not to overdo your make up. If you are going with bold eyes then opt for something light for your lips. On the other hand if you have chosen something subtle for your eyes, then a fun bright colored lipstick can do wonders for your face, particularly if conjugated with vintage frames.

 Different Make up Styles for Different Occasions
  1. Dressing Formally

If it a formal affair for which you are making up your face, then it is good to go light and natural, yet fresh and radiant at the same time. Peach eye shadow on eyes, paired up with a pink blush and peachy-pink lip color is ideal for such occasions. This make up would look wonderful with your glasses’ frame, no matter what type it may be.

  1. Dress with a combination of Naughty and Nice

Your subtle eye makeup paired up with a bold lip color would make you look gorgeous and stand out in a crowd. Warm shades of blush would go well with this look coupled up with the mandatory mascara. Generally, glasses with thinner frames would carry off this look well.

  1. Dress to kill with your dazzle

Put on some eye liner and match it up with a little glitter sprinkled on to your lower eyelids. A few strokes of mascara would make your eyes look even more dazzling. Rose gold would look beautiful on your eyes and you can pair it up with some rosy, berry, coral shade on your lips. Both thick and thin framed glasses look good with this make up.

  1. Dress to show your depth

Make your eyes say it all and reveal everything that you are capable of. Give a mysterious, smoky look to your eyes by putting on some kohl around your eyes and smudging it well. Finish off the look with thick mascara and put on some soft pinkish shade on your lips. Carry off this look with thick-framed glasses.

  1. Dress sexily

Make the world shout out that nerdy is the new sexy with a winged eyeliner paired up with kohl on your lower lids. Spice up your lips with some bold shade and dazzle it up further with a touch of gloss. Thick-framed glasses are perfect for complementing this look.

These are several make up tips for girls with glasses that they can make your glasses an advantage to your face and an indispensable accessory. Choose the look that suits you the best and then rock it up.

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