Halloween Contact Lenses

Scary Halloween Contact Lenses

We believe in you. We believe in your beauty and we believe that you have all rights to enhance your beauty because you deserve to look beautiful always!

This is the very motto upon which we work and with which we bring forward a myriad of lens options; all aimed at making your beauty stand out. These Halloween lens options are diverse and distinctive, yet each has its individual traits which are equally appealing and catchy. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer you.

Insanely Scary Halloween Contact Lenses to Give you Shivers

Halloween is supposed to be spooky and scary, yet you are also supposed to make the most fun out of it. Let’s just face it, what is fear without fun and the other way pe. This fun has so many facets when it comes to Halloween. There is this thrill which is obtained from scaring the shit out of your friends. There is the ever-lasting joy of Trick-or-treat and getting your satchel filled up with candy. There is the glamour of dressing up in every crazy way that you can think of and of course spooky make up is what adds finishing touches to this packet of joy. However, whatever your make up or costume might be, it is your eyes that bewitch people. It is your eyes which make you look really spooky or otherwise. It is your eyes which are the most prominent feature of your face and thus make all the difference. We understand this fact and owing to this very reason we have an array of Halloween contact lenses available which are sure to complement your Halloween ensemble. Moreover, they wouldn’t merely complement your Halloween look, rather they would COMPLETE IT.

Funky Yellow Cat Eye Contact Lenses Sasuke Naruto Contact LensesOrange Werewolf Costume Contact Lenses






Flame Crazy Special Effect Contact Lenses

Starry Eye Special Effect Contact Lenses

Yellow Werewolf Contact Lenses







Our spooky collection of Halloween contact lenses are imbued with novelty and are guaranteed to create special effects. What happens next? You stand out in your crowd. Whether you are dressed up as a sexy vampire or a ghoulish demon; whatever your attire may be, we have something that is meant just for you. These scary and freaky lenses come in a wide variety of designs, having different colors and varying intensity of drama. In fact we would say pick out Halloween contact lenses first since there are just so many options to choose from, and then go ahead and complete you attire. These Halloween contact lenses would add life to your costume and make it appear real and palpable.

Let’s have a look at the scary Halloween contact lenses options that are available:

Snake Eyes Contact Lenses

Naruto Sharingan Contact Lenses

Werewolf Eyes Contact Lenses

Demon Eyes Contact Lenses

Cat Eyes Contact Lenses

Zombie Eyes Contact Lenses

Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses

Special Effect Contact Lenses


What you need to remember though is that the options aren’t merely confined to these categories alone, rather there are a multitude of other choices available as well.

Amazing Colored Contact Lenses to Try Now

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses as the name itself indicates allow you to change the color of your eye. You can create any look of your choice; either going for something subtle or bold. You can go for any color that you desire and can wear them on any occasion that you like, be it your casual, everyday settings or some party that you wish to rock up. Moreover, color contacts are mostly available in three kinds of tints. These three kinds have been listed below.

  • Visibility tint

Visibility tints are usually very faint. They are a greenish or bluish sheen added on top of the lens in order to help you see them better while inserting or removing them. Visibility tint has no effect whatsoever on the color of your lens.

  • Enhancement tint

This tint is a little more solid in comparison to a visibility tint, however it is still translucent. Its function is to enhance the color of your lenses as the name also suggests. Color contacts having enhancement tints are best for those who have lighter colored eyes and wish to enhance their intensity.

  • Opaque tint

Opaque is not transparent and the colored contacts with opaque tints have the ability to completely change your eye color.



















Choosing the Right Color:

We offer you a complete array of colored contact lenses for you to pick out the color which suits you the best. The question which sprouts its head at this juncture is how will you know which color complements you perfectly? The answer to this question depends upon a number of factors such as the color of your hair and the tone of your skin. However, most importantly it depends upon the kind of look that you want to achieve. If it is something natural and subtle that you are looking for then your color choices would be different and if it is something bold and daring that you want to achieve then your color choices would again be very different.

Sensually Fashionable Contact Lenses Worth Trying

Fashion Contact Lenses

The main function of fashion contact lens is to draw the crowd’s attention towards you. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, each meant to look striking and to enhance your looks. What you need to remember though is that fashion contact lens are not prescription lens. All they do is serve cosmetic purposes. The only consideration which you ought to pay heed to while buying fashion contact lens is the measurement of your base curve. Also, you need to ensure whether the material used in the lens is suitable for your eyes. It has been mentioned formerly that fashion contact lens come in a myriad of colors- The options are so numerous that they cannot possibly be jotted down in a few lines. However, rest assured that you can come across every possible shade and design in this category.

  • Light Colored Eyes

If you are looking for a change but don’t want to let go of subtlety then your choice of colored contacts might be one that plays with the natural color of your iris, defines it fully and deepens its color tones. Yet if you want to go for a different color while still toying with something natural then your ideal color tones would be those which cross paths with your natural eye color. For instance, if your natural eye color is blue then you may want to try out grey or green colored contact. On the other hand, if you want to opt for something bold and entirely different then black or brown might be a good option with your pale hair and skin

  • Dark Colored Eyes

It is best if people with dark colored eyes go with opaque tints. If it is something natural that you want to go for then you may try lighter shades of your own eye color for instance hazel or honey brown.
However, if you want to go dramatic then try opting for completely vivid colors such as blue and green so that you stand out.

Generally fashion contacts are meant to mimic the natural look of your iris. They can broadly be categorized into two types:

  • Prescription Colored Contact Lens

These colored contact lens not only enhance or change your eye color, but they are also used to correct near sighted-ness, far sighted-ness and astigmatism.

  • Plano contact lens

Plano contact lens in contrast only serve cosmetic purposes. They are only used to change your eye color and are devoid of any power of vision correction.

We not only provide you with an amazingly wide array of options to choose from but we also make sure that all the necessary considerations are paid heed to.

Secret Recipe to Take Care Of Your Lens

Lens Care

For lens wearers the question of how to take care of lens and keeping them clean is very important. How you care for your lens is primarily determined by what type of lens you have. Your conventional soft lenses would require the most care. On the other hand, disposable soft lenses meant for extended wear require the least care. Why take care of your lens? Taking care of your lens is very important, otherwise you may become vulnerable to many potent complications which threaten your vision.

How to take care of your lens?

Hereby, we have listed some simple steps which will help you in taking care of your lens and keeping them clean.

  1. You must wash your hands before handling your contact lenses. This is NOT AN OPTION, BUT MANDATORY. It is best if a mild, non-perfumed and un-cosmetic soap is used for this purpose. Cosmetic soaps may leave behind a film on your hands which in turn may get transferred to your lens and thus cause eye irritations.
  2. After washing your hands, dry them up with a clean towel. Make sure that it is lint-free.
  3. It is recommended that you keep your nails clean and short so that you can avoid scratching your eyes or lens.
  4. If you have to put on makeup, put it on after you have worn your contacts so that you don’t get it on your lens. Similarly, remove your lens first before removing your make up.
  5. It has been mentioned formerly that the type of care your lens demand would depend upon the type of lens that you have. Your optician or eye care professional would most likely recommend you some enzymatic cleaners, eye care solutions, drops or disinfectants according to your specific type of lens. Make sure that you use them regularly or as recommended by the professional.
  6. You need to remember that microorganisms can even be present in distilled water. These microorganisms can damage your lens and affect your vision. Therefore, never try to rinse your lens with tap water. Deploy the recommended solution for rinsing, this would remove all eye build-up and other debris from lens.
  7. It is best to replace the storage case of your lens after every three months.
  8. Also, clean your lens case after every use either with sterile solution or hot tap water. Only place the lens inside the case once it is dry.

Trends you Need to Know about Eyeglasses


Eye glasses come in different types. The most common classification under the broad term of eye glasses would be into two broad categories i.e. prescription and non-prescription respectively.

• Prescription Glasses – These glasses are worn for the correctness of vision; be it near sightedness or far-sightedness. They are prescribed by the doctor/ optician and are made especially according to the patient’s individual vision requirements.

• Non-Prescription Glasses – These glasses are ones which serve cosmetic and other purposes but are not intended for vision correction. In other words they are not ‘prescribed’ by the doctor/optician.

Non-prescription glasses can further be classified into the following categories:

  1. Fake glasses
  2. Protective glasses
  3. Industrial glasses
  4. Sun glasses
  5. Sports glasses

Sunglasses are a very popular category. They perform dual functions i.e. they protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of sun. Also, they are a statement fashion accessory and serve cosmetic purposes too. Similarly, now a days the trend of sporting glasses to create a cool nerdy impression has led to the popularity of fake glasses. Industrial and protective glasses, each serve very important roles in their own capacities. They may not be as common or popular as the former categories, yet their importance cannot be belittled in any way. Sports glasses are rapidly becoming very popular and an integral part of sports equipment since they not only protect the players’ eyes from all sorts of injuries but also help in improving the players’ performance.

How to choose Eye Glasses?

A number of factors come into play while deciding which pair of eye glasses you should go for. Some important factors include your face shape, your individual personality and the occasion on which you want to wear these eye glasses or the reasons for which you want to wear them. Also, the impression you want to create and the type of appearance you want to have has an impact on your choice of eye glasses. We provide you with an entire array of options to choose from, so that you can pick out any frame or eye glasses that caters to your whims and needs.

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