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Grey Colored Contact Lenses

Grey eye color is included among the world’s most elegant eye colors, however strangely indeed it is also one of the rarest ones. This particular eye color is noted for the aura of calmness and mystery which it evokes. In contrast, black and brown eye colors are usually defined by passion and wildness. Grey color however, is the embodiment of calm and content. Wearing grey colored contact lens would make you appear balanced, logical, calm and in control. Yet, this certainly doesn’t imply that you will be thought of as boring and listless if you sport grey lens. This color wouldn’t make you seem non-passionate. On the contrary it will only make you more mysterious and this mystery will then germinate attraction. Grey color will symbolize that you are only aloof from the world because you have an impenetrable depth to yourself, too many secrets that you do not care to share.

What Do Grey Colored Lenses represent about Personality?

It has been formerly mentioned that grey color makes you appear much calmer as compared to someone with brilliant eyes. However, this calmness can certainly not be equated to coldness. Lens of grey color may give the other folks an impression that you have an ironic twist to your personality. At the same time, you may strike them as someone who is very smooth and subtle.

This eye color can be an asset, particularly in businesses and other formal settings. Owing to your remarkable eye color, you would appear more calm, cool and collected as compared to your colleagues and thus be the center of attention. Your eye color would give your boss a faith in your abilities. He/she will have an intrinsic trust that you have everything under control and are working towards what is best in the company’s favor.

In fact, in daily every day interactions as well, your grey colored lens would make the other person believe that you are very professional. The charisma of this lens is such that it makes people believe in you and the potential that you have for accomplishing all sorts of milestones. You are definitely going to be taken as someone who holds his/her own ground in the most daunting of situations and eventually emerges successful out of those tight ends.

Kind Of Makeup which suits Grey Colored Contact Lens

Simply put, every sort and kind of makeup would complement grey colored lens. Still though, our favorite picks are:

  • Purple:

Purple and grey have been best friends for a very long time now. Purple eye liner or purple eye shadow would flatter your grey eyes like nothing else. The conjugation of both these colors would make sure that your attractiveness knows no bounds or limits. In order to finish the look, you can also opt for lip colors along the lines of pale pink or red.

  • Yellow & Brown:

A bright yellow eye shadow in matte tones touched up with a brown eye liner can work wonders for your grey eyes. Although, a slightly unusual combination, it can nevertheless make your eyes pop out like nothing else. Whatever you wear along with this make up is sure to make you feel wonderful about yourself. Also, this look can be pulled off at any event, regardless of its type.

Events where you can wear Grey Colored Contact Lenses

Since grey is a fairly basic although rare color; therefore it can be worn to a large number of occasions.

  • For School/College days:

If you are a student, grey lens are perfect for being worn to your school or college. This light and subtle color would serve to freshen up your face and enhance your natural looks.

  • For Parties:

Not only are these lens good for your normal day-to day work routines, but they are also perfect for parties and other functions of the like kind. At such occasions, grey colored lenses can remarkably highlight your entire persona. Also, since they can adapt to all sorts of makeup, therefore they give you a pretty roomy experimental space.

  • For Rainy days:

Cold, rainy days can be a tad depressing at times. Such dreary rainy days can be made better by putting on your grey colored contact lenses. Just putting them on would improve your mood and make you feel less grumpy; since the prettier you look, the sunnier you feel.

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