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Green Colored Contact Lenses

Although, apparently green color might strike you as something meant to be crazy; a color which stands out of the color spectrum owing to its outlandish appearance. However, in reality, there is much more to this color than what we apparently perceive. Green color comes with a myriad of positive connotations delineating comfort, friendliness and fertility. A warm sense of comfort and belonging is evoked which personifies growth and nature. So when you don green colored contact lenses, do remember that all these warm vibes are being transmitted from your personality owing to the green color of your eyes.

What do Green Colored Contact Lenses tell about your Personality?

Let’s imagine a scenario where it’s your first day at college or university abroad. You might feel like a stranger to your new settings. You may miss the warmth and friendliness around you and therefore you may want to make new friends. If you are approaching someone for the very first time, it is from the person’s physical appearance that you try to gather as much information as possible. Since you do not have any other basis to rely on, so you make guesses about what sort of a person he/she is from his/her appearance. A person with cool and confident eyes, say coal black or icy blue eyes might intimidate you and you may not feel comfortable in approaching that person for the very first time and extending a hand of friendship.

On the other hand, a person with green eyes would immediately strike you as someone who is warm, friendly and frank. Their eyes conjugated with their smiles would seem to be comforting you and telling you that all is well. This anecdote or example may seem a tad stereotypical, but even psychologists, especially color psychologists have proved after extensive research that the color of your eyes generally define the kind of person you are. Therefore, if you meet someone with green eyes for the very first time, you are most likely to be taken by them and think of them as friendly and warm, someone you can approach; in contrast to the mysterious kid with daunting black eyes.

Bluntly put, green colored contact lens would make you seem like someone who is very warm and sociable, someone you definitely would want to befriend. Also, since green symbolizes hope so once you have donned green color lens, you might be a source of optimism for those around you.

What Kind of Makeup suits Green Colored Lenses?

Before choosing the kind of makeup that would complement your green eyes, you need to remember that there are as many shades of green as there are of any other color; therefore you need to wear makeup which goes along your particular shade of green.

  • For Light Green Colored Lenses:

Light green would look best when conjugated with red or dark pink lip color along with purplish eye shades. These colors would enhance your green hues and flatter them beautifully.

  • For Dark Green Colored Lenses:

If your green colored contact lens are of a darker shade, then we recommend that you contrast them with lighter lip and eye colors. A Pale peach-ish, pink-ish glossy lipstick would look perfect with your flattering green lenses.

  • For Bright Green Lenses:

These bright green colored lens would look exceptional on a bare face as well. Minimal make up would do the trick. These bright lens are doing all the work of attracting attention to your face and therefore nude shades of makeup would also be ample to pull off this look.

  • For Glow in the Dark Green Contact Lenses:

These lens are both green and glowing. No matter how light your lipstick and blush may be, the sparkle and glow of your eyes would be sufficient in itself to draw attention to your face.

Events to which you could Wear Green Colored Contact Lenses

Green is such a fresh and inviting color that you can wear it to almost all kinds of occasions. Some instances of these occasions are:

  • For an Orientation Meeting:

Have a look at ‘the first day at college anecdote’ illustrated above and you will know why to wear green lens on an orientation meeting. While others would be feeling awkward and stifled, you will be the first one to be approached owing to the warm vibes emanating from you. The main reason behind this would be your remarkable eye color which would make you look like a friendly, sociable person.

  • For a Get Together with Friends:

No matter how casual your outfit may be, just putting on your green colored lens would make you stand out in a crowd. You will be noticed individually owing to your bold and vibrant looks, all thanks to your bold and vibrant eye color.

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