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Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses are inflexible lenses made of solid plastic that transmits oxygen. These lenses additionally are called GP lenses, unbending gas permeable lenses, RGP contactlenses and oxygen permeable lenses.

Gas permeable (GP) contacts are otherwise called unbending gas permeable (RGP’s). Albeit today’s gas permeable lenses are made of an inflexible material that is not adaptable, they vary incredibly from the first hard lenses of yesteryear. Hard contact lenses made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), were presented in the 1930’s. Considered inventive and mechanically progressed for the time, these hard lenses were about rendered out of date by delicate lenses that appeared in the mid 70’s.

After 10 years, unbending gas permeable lenses showed up on the scene. For illumination, vision authorities allude to these contacts by a few names: gas permeable (GP) or Inflexible Gas Permeable. RGP’s are built of flour silicone acrylate.

What makes Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Special?

The general strength of the cornea is critical. The cornea or the window of the eye, in a consolidated exertion with the sclera (white part of the eye), lashes and tears shield the inner eye from flotsam and jetsam and germs. The five layers of the cornea must stay clear with no haziness. Oxygen is key in the process and is important to keep the cornea sound with the goal that it might thus, ensure whatever remains of the eye.

The surface of a gas permeable lens is more impervious to stores than delicate lenses. Interestingly, unbending gas permeable lenses are less wipe like and won’t splash up substances that can house microbes. GP lenses are stronger than delicate lenses and on the grounds that they are clearly harder, they hold better shape. Gas permeable contact lenses assume a critical part, permitting the best possible cooperation of the eye with oxygen from the air. The cornea draws oxygen from the air as tears go about as a dissolving operator. The tears disintegrate the oxygen from the air and transport it through the cornea, emulating the occupation of veins in different parts of the body. A second gas, carbon dioxide, is a side effect of the procedure and is dispensed with by the cornea. Intrusion of this mind boggling process makes the eye helpless against diseases, for example, corneal scarring, and loss of straightforwardness, veins, and corneal twisting.

At first, gas permeable lenses take somewhat more getting used to than delicate lenses. Inside a short measure of time, notwithstanding, the eyes get to be usual to wearing inflexible lenses. Though the flexibility to delicate lenses is verging on prompt, it could take up to a week or two preceding patients discover gas permeable as agreeable.

Benefits of wearing Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

There are a few reasons why RGP’s might be the right decision for a few patients, including:

  • Eye wellbeing
  • Ability to diffuse oxygen (not at all like hard lenses)
  • Less prone to transmit contamination
  • Easily cleaned
  • Unlike delicate lenses RGP’s hold shape and don’t dry out
  • Long enduring
  • Clearer vision
  • Custom made for every patient
  • Adaptability
  • Affordability

Who should consider wearing Gas Permeable Lenses

It is simple for individuals with solid eyes to underestimate vision; however the human eye is an amazing organ. The cosmetics of the human eye and the arrangement of common events inside it, that permit a person to see unmistakably, are in any event, surprising. For example, the cornea’s surface is clear and contains truly no veins. It is not at all like whatever other tissue in the human body that uses veins for support and security. Gas permeable contact lenses, permit oxygen to stream to the eye and help the cornea in guarding the eye from contamination and ailment; securing general eye wellbeing.


Youngsters somewhere around eight and twelve years old are superb possibility for wearing the lenses. It is at this age numerous guardians find their youngsters’ sight challenges. Regularly a youngster can’t see the white board at the front of his classroom, or to enough concentrate on the ball when playing sports. Since myopia advances with age, and the way that children have a considerable measure of developing to do, gas permeable lenses can be of extraordinary advantage. Competitors for occasion, experience issues wearing bulky glasses. Wearing RGP’s during the evening will rectify vision, some of the time for a considerable length of time at once, permitting kids to abstain from wearing glasses amid games rehearses and donning occasions.


Gas permeable contact lenses may likewise be reasonable for grown-ups who are disappointed with the clarity of their vision. Grown-ups, who are disinclined to intrusive laser surgery, to expel tissue from the eyes trying to right vision, may pick orthokeratology.

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