Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Lensrage sale its own Contact Lenses?

Ans: No. We have contracted with some affiliate programs that collaborate with us to help you buy quality assured contact lenses. These affiliates programs are like Amazon & Foureyez that hold immense repute in market and are trusted widely, so no issues there. They offer you some great deals on all contact lenses in contrast to other brands.

  1.  Are Contact Lenses Safe to Wear?

Ans: Absolutely yes. On our end we provide you with some great quality products through our affiliate programs. But on your end, you should be aware about cleanliness and care that goes into maintaining your contact lenses. There are cleaning solutions that come with the product itself in the box. However, you can find the procedure for cleaning on or if you cannot keep up with the cleaning hassle, there is always option for daily disposable contact lenses.

  1. Is it secure to Buy products from the Lensrage partnered websites?

Ans: Yes, we have a great relationship with our affiliate programs, and it is probably the best collaboration. We assure you that our partners are on same page as us and they aim to facilitate and provide you with the very best contact lenses. They have great customers and passionate to provide to them. You can check out customer reviews for more

  1. Does Lensrage offer advertisement?

Ans: Yes as a matter of fact we do offer ads on our site, these advertisers have specific areas assigned to them for ads and they do not disturb or frustrate the site performance or users. If you click on any compelling ad then, you do it on your own risk. They may collect any data they want. For more information you can check their policies towards it.

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