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Demon Colored Contact Lenses

Demon colored contact lenses are perfect for not just Halloween, but any other major event on which you may wish to scare up either yourself or other people; opt for Demon colored contact lenses with sharp red or black lenses with gold edges to make yourself grab the most attention and stand out in a manner like never before!

What do Demon Contact Lenses tell about your Personality?

Demon colored lenses firstly state that you are someone who is unafraid of making strange or bizarre choices; they also show that you are someone fierce who should not be messed; if it’s power and mystery you’re after, then we’re sure demon colored contact lenses will really showcase you as someone who could even send spine tingling chills down someone’s spine

Demon contact lenses can also tell about the kind of things you’re into- for instance, demon colored contact lenses may be preferred by someone who is into gory horror movies or someone who is into thrash metal music for instance; so if you want someone to see the real, freaky you, what better way than for them to spot all this, as you wear demon colored contact lenses?

What kind of makeup suits Demon Colored Contact Lenses?

Different sorts of makeup suits demon contact lenses; one instance would  be black eye pencil or even black winged eyeliner which would make your demon colored contact lenses really stand out

  • White eye shadow: White eye shadow would correspond really well with demon colored contact lenses, by virtue of the fact that white and red match up well together. Secondly, because the contrast or red and white will make you stand out as someone fierce, competitive and yet elegant all at once.
  • Pale makeup: A pale makeup palette would really suit demon lenses, because if you are a fan of old horror  movies for instance, then you would see how pale makeup would really make your face appear eerie and creepy all at once, but fascinating at the same time!
  • Purple eye shadow: Purple eye shadow is perfect with demon colored contact lenses as it will really make your eyes pop out; you can smudge it along your lids etc
  • Gold eye shadow with pink liner: You can rim the latter around your eyes, and watch your looks great more attractive; this will really make your eyes appear not just bold, but pretty! And that’s a pretty hard challenge to overcome when you are wearing something as trying and different as demon colored contact lenses, which would only previously have creeped out people or made them wonder about such bizarre antics!
  • Red lips: This is another way to garner attention towards your demon contact lenses in a positive way; you can wear red lipstick and really draw attention towards your face in the best possible way; thus try out the red lips!
Events to which you can wear Demon Colored Contact Lenses
  • Halloween parties: Halloween parties are perfect for demon colored contact lenses as they will showcase your dark and spine –tingling self
  • Metal concerts: Metal concerts are perfect for demon contacts; firstly because he subject of songs by metal artists such as Slayer, often has to do with salvation and damnation and secondly because they will also help indicate that you are a hardcore metal fan.
  • Photo shoots: Another great way to test out demon colored contact lenses would be to wear them to photo shoots and to live out the fantasy you’ve always dreamt of- of course, you could also wear some matching outfits to go with it; vampire suits, zombie costumes and so forth etc.
  • Fashion shoot: Another option, albeit a less explored one, is to opt to wear demon lenses to a fashion shoot to indicate that you are someone who is more than willing to experiment- of course, if it is a Halloween based shoot or one where you are supposed to bring out your fierce side in particular, then it would really help if you wore demon lenses to speed things up.

So to which event will you be rocking the demon contact lenses?




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