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Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Brown though is a pretty common color and most people with brown eyes may consider their eye color to be devoid of any exceptional charm or intrigue. A major reason may be its presence in most parts of South Asia and Africa, which might demeans its charm and simultaneously its value. However, there are other regions in the world such as Europe and America where black and brown are deemed to be soulful, mesmerizing and extra-ordinarily beautiful. Brown comes in a variety of shades. It could be warm brown, coffee brown or liquid brown. Whatever shade of brown you may be looking into, it is sure to strike you as entrancing and beautiful owing to the warm beauty which brown intrinsically holds in itself.

Along with its warm, melting, comfort and warmth, brown also commands authority in a subtle and gentle way. These very reasons are what prompt us to urge you to go for brown colored contact lenses this season instead of your usual green or brown. Just don on these lenses and see how they endow your personality with a certain charm and attraction.

Your Personality Revealed Through Your Brown Colored Lenses

First thing that you need to remember is that although at first brown may not appear to be as striking as its blue/green counterparts, however all you have to do is closely look into those eyes and you will astounded by their friendly and comforting beauty. Brown colored lens will enable people to see you as someone who is very friendly, yet confident. The brown color of your eyes is also definitely going to attract others towards you owing to its traditional connotations of warmth, trust, friendliness and comfort. This genial sense of familiarity exudes its personality gently yet firmly and thus it is very hard to be ignored or shrugged off. Therefore, if you want to make additions to your friends’ circle and want to look much livelier then choose your perfect shade of brown and sport brown colored contact lenses.

Makeup That Complements Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Brown color is very deep, soulful and earthy. Therefore, it doesn’t confine itself to any particular kind of makeup. Instead it can be worn with any make up of your choice. Whatever type of makeup it might be, it is sure to get complemented with your brown lens.

Our favorite picks though are:

  • A Smoky Purple Eye shadow

Purple and brown are the best partners in crime. Especially if it is a smoky shade of purple. This smoky purple shadow would make your eyes pop out. Conjugate it with black kohl, white eyeliner and fluttery eyelashes and your eyes would look perfect.

  • Golden Eye Shadow

Golden eye shadow or eyeliner would bestow even more warmth onto your brown eyes. Also, when this gold eye shadow is combined with black eye pencil and mascara, it would make you look amazingly magical and endow your eyes with a sultry appearance.

Events on Which Brown Colored Contact Lenses Can Be Worn

When it comes to the events on which you can wear brown colored contact lenses, you have a wide variety of options. They could be worn casually to school or university or you can even carry them off at any party.

  • For a Day Out:

If you are thinking of donning on your brown colored contacts for simply a stroll around town then conjugate your simple brown eyes with some really light eye shadow that looks very subtle yet naturally appealing at the same time.

  • For a Night Party:

If it is an evening party that you have to go to, then there is no need to go electric. All you have to do is pair up your brown colored contact lenses with some smoky eye shadow or even some white up make up and you will be all ready to rock up your night party.

So brown colored contact lenses are perfect for every occasion, be it a formal work thing, or some casual hangout with your friends or some elaborate party. Brown lens should be a must-to-have for all these various occasions.

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