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Blue Colored Contact Lenses

It is falsely believed by many that lenses are indicative of shyness and are generally worn by those who seek to mask their personality. Some people go to the extent of claiming that wearing lenses violates the concept of true beauty. Eyes are deemed to be the windows into our souls. Colored lenses therefore can determine the way people see you and perceive you. It is amazing how a simple change of color can completely alter the way people view you and the impressions that they receive from you. Generally, it is perceived that green and brown eyes reveal depth whereas blue eyes have a sheer subtlety to them. As a matter of fact, women with blonde hair and blue eyes are cherished for their beauty. But what if someone doesn’t possess blue eyes naturally and wants to experience what it feels like to have blue eyes. Blue colored contact lenses are the only resort in such a situation.

What do Blue Colored Lenses Say about Your Personality?

Blue eye color is generally noted for its aura of competitiveness and confidence which it evokes. This eye color is also considered to be very attractive as well. So if you are sporting blue colored lenses you need to know that people will see you as someone to be wary of, yet insanely attractive at the same time.

Blue eye color also comes with a shred of mystery to it. It is not a very common eye color and thus is associated with elements of intrigue. Also, people get fascinated by this eye color because it looks different and different is usually taken to be good.

What Make up Goes along Blue Colored Lenses?

Despite being different and intriguing, blue eye color is a pretty neutral color and therefore can go along almost all kinds of makeup. However, there are eye shadows and certain types of eye makeup which look exceptionally pretty with blue eyes and complement blue colored lenses like nothing else. Our favorite picks are listed below:

  • Rust colored eye shadow: Rusty eye shades such as terracotta go a long way in giving a sultry look to your eyes. Blues come with cool, frosty and icy connotation, therefore the warm shades of rust work really well as a contrast with blue colored lenses.
  • Dark blue eyeliner: There is a general belief amongst people that blue eyes should never be conjugated with blue eye shadows since blue and blue are definitely going to clash against one another. However when light blue colored lenses are conjugated with a darker shade of blue eye shadow or eye liner, then your eyes can look miraculously beautiful. Light blue contrasted with dark blue would give a bold and bright appeal to your eyes.
  • Light pink or hot pink eye shadow:  Pink and blue are made for each other. If you are unsure then just take a look at Elsa from Frozen and all your doubts shall go away. The blues of her eyes are wonderfully contrasted with her pink eye shadow. This perfect look can also be achieved by those who wear blue colored lens. Pink along with blue would make you look all the more bold, daring and attractive. This contrast would be ideal for a costume party or even perhaps and evening party.
Events at which You Can Wear Blue Colored Lenses

It has been formerly mentioned that though uncommon blue is a fairly neutral color and therefore blue colored lenses can be worn to multiple occasions. For instance, these lens would make you stand out in a masquerade ball. This color is imbued with mystery and magic and wearing it with a silver mask would only add more glamor to it. Not only does this color work well on fancy occasions but even if there is a simple party or a family gathering this blue color would distinguish you subtly.

Also, blue colored contact lenses are ideal for formal occasions too. Formal occasions such as interviews or presentations require you to wear dark, brooding clothes. Yet the blue color of your eyes would be sufficient to make an impression on your onlookers. Conjugated with your smart dress, it would be ample to convey the competitive edge of your personality, your potential and everything that you are capable of. This attraction which others would feel towards you would ramp up your confidence and will certainly secure you the job of your dreams.

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