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Black Colored Contact Lenses

More than half of the world’s population has a black eye color. It is especially common in Asian and African populations. However, being common doesn’t imply that black eye color is any less inspiring or at times frightening.
Black colored contact lenses are noted for the aura of drama and mystery which they evoke. You can notice the dramatic effect that black colored contact lens have on people if your natural eye color has tones of brown in it. Donning black colored lens someday, you are sure to stop people dead in their tracks. However, this doesn’t mean that you can only wear blackout lenses on Halloween or some other sprightly occasion. The best part about this color is that you can wear these lens at any place d at any time.

What Do Black Colored Lens Indicate About Your Personality?

Black generally comes with connotations of mystery and evil. In ancient times, when superstitions used to reign, black color was commonly associated with bad luck. Yet, these notions of evil weren’t only associated with black in past, rather both bad and black seem to be intrinsically tied to each other. The horror movies of today usually portray devilish things clad in black or having black, penetrating eyes. Despite these stereotypes, black eye color is still very attractive and can add a subtle glamour to your personality. Rather, people would be able to glean a lot about you through your black colored lens.

Your black eye lens might signify that you are someone who loves power and isn’t scared to show it. They also subtly let the other person know that you aren’t someone who can be fooled around with. Instead, your mesmerizing eye color is sure to put the other person under your spell. Not only do black colored lens betray power and dominion, but they also create an alluring aura of mystery. This color has depths to it and would make people wonder who you really are, what is more to you that they are ignorant of and what is so mysterious and captivating about you. This eye color can assure you of one thing. Your peers aren’t going to get tired of you anytime soon.

What Makeup Can Complement Black Colored Lenses?

Do not let the mysterious and alluring aura of black colored lenses give you any wrong ideas. You do not have to get a Gothic make-do to go with your eye color. In fact, black is a pretty basic and neutral color and almost any sort of make would look great along with it.

Some make up tips however have been elaborated below:

  • A Smoky Eye shadow:

Smoky eye shadows make black colored lenses stand out like nothing else. It would make your eyes look much more dramatic and as a consequence much more appealing. Put on some grey eye shadow. Conjugate it with a white eye pencil and smudge it up with a black eye liner. Voila! Your dramatic, mysterious and flatteringly beautiful eyes are all set to be unveiled.

  • Purple Eye Shadow:

Purple and black also get along pretty well. Sparkly purple eye shadow would bring life and enhance the depth of your blackout colored lens. This eye shadow would make you look bold and beautiful; and make you stand out in a crowd.

Events at which you can Wear Black Colored Contact Lenses

Black colored contact lenses can be worn at a number of occasions. Although, they can be worn almost anywhere, however given below are some of our favorite picks.

  • To Boost up an Evening Party:

Black colored lens are perfect to spice up an evening party and to leave everyone bedazzled. The intensity and richness of your eye color is sure to dazzle every onlooker. Conjugate it with suitable make up and you will be ready to rock up your evening party.

  • To a Formal Event:

Black colored lens do not have to be merely confined to drama alone. It works pretty well on formal occasions too. There is a depth of this eye color which would capture the onlooker’s attention and would leave him/her staring at your eye with awe and adoration.

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