Best Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses

Wearing non-prescription sunglasses can be tricky for those people who otherwise wear prescription glasses. A sort of dilemma is created between prescription glasses that is a need and designer sunglasses that is a desire.

Ray Ban Solution- Prescription and Style together

The good news however is that Ray Ban enables you to bridge this rift between your wish and desire. It has enabled prescription wearers to easily access designer sunglasses and make the most out of them. Ray Ban is unique with respect to its dual-pronged approach which enables one to revel in the luxury style comfort offered by Ray Ban designer classics without having to bid farewell to their prescription lens. The coolest part being that these ray ban prescription sunglasses are crafted by and have their quality tested and reinforced by quality opticians.

Ray Ban Prescription sunglasses – Variety of Options

Your eye wear makes the first and the most marked impression upon the on looker. Ray Ban is sensitive of this fact and has thus come up with a huge array of choices when it comes to prescription glasses. You can go for any style and color which suits you the best and flaunt off your style without having to compromise your vision correction.

Before moving on to the wide variety of Prescription Sunglasses which Ray Ban has to offer, it is vital to get acquainted with the basics of the company.

Ray Ban- Background of the Company

The origin of Ray Ban goes far back to 1937 when it was first founded by Bausch & Lomb. The story behind its first frame is that while on a high altitude balloon flight, General John Macready happened to hurt his eyes. This incident led to the invention of aviator frames which were specifically designed to provide protection during such flights.

The multitude of prescription sunglasses which Ray Ban has produced from 1973 onwards are timeless and tend to suit a variety of looks and facial structures. In fact, all facial structures are sure to find at least one Ray Ban which will look as if it was designed specifically keeping them in the forefront.

Aviators to Wayfarers

Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses now occupy somewhat of a cult status and have come a long way while still nurturing and buttressing their core values and traditions. It started off with its military Aviators and gradually made its way towards its Hollywood Wayfarers. In doing this, Ray Ban has managed to successfully cross and traverse cultural lines and has come up with own authentic story which is incredibly daring, romantic and diverse.

Variety in Prescription Sunglasses

Moreover, when it comes to Ray ban prescription sunglasses, people who require eye wear that comes with a corrective prescription have a wide array of choices available for them. Whatever kind of lens prescription you may require, be it bifocal or progressive or any other, Ray Ban provides you with the prefect sunglasses which cater to your corrective needs as well as your aesthetic requirements.

Variety in Lens Materials

There is also a great variety available when it comes to lens materials. You can get these lens in glass or regular plastic or polycarbonate, whatever suits you the best.

You may also be able to get hold of Ray Ban Prescription sunglasses which come with a photochromic tint. Photochromic lenses tend to darken when the sunlight is bright but become relatively clear when it is not. The downside of these glasses however is that they only tend to darken when UV rays are present. In the absence of these ultra violet rays, photochromic lens would stay clear.

Protection of UV rays

Ray Ban also claims that its prescription sunglasses block all sorts of harmful UV rays and provide total protection. UV protection doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with either the color of the lens or the depth and intensity of its tint. Ray Ban has an entire array of lens color as well as tint options for you to choose from. The best part is that all designs come with foolproof UV protection.

Polarized UV Protection

Moreover, at times you need additional protection from glare such as the times when you are out in the snow or sand or water. What happens is that these reflective surfaces prompt the light to bounce back and as a consequence you need an extra shield to prevent this light from blinding your eyes. For such circumstances you can get hold of Ray Ban prescription polarized sunglasses

Let us now quickly list down all the features which Ray Ban claims that its prescription sunglasses are supposed to have.

  1. Look beautiful Inside and out

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses enable you to choose a frame which complements your facial structure while at the same time enabling you to select lenses which fit your requirements perfectly.

  1. Hi-Tech materials

The materials deploying in the making of prescription sunglasses are high-quality and innovative so that the frames which they ultimately produce are stylish, durable, resistant yet light weight.

  1. Ray Ban Lenses

These glasses generally comprise of RoX and RoX+ lenses. These authentic lenses which are a defining feature of Ray Ban promise original colors and authentic clarity of vision.

  1. Ray Ban Flash Mirror Lens

These polarized prescription sunglasses ensure crispier and clearer vision even when surrounded by daunting reflective surfaces.

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