Best Glasses for Round face

What should be the perfect eyeglass frame be like? It would be that frame which accentuates the natural appeal of your face shape, highlighting its advantages and masking its flaws. The best glasses for round face will be those which would bring the best out of your features and make heads turn your way.

Types of face shapes

Broadly classified, there are seven categories of face shapes. You can identify your face shape with these categories and then hunt for an eyeglass frame which is meant to complement your facial anatomy. These face shapes are round, square, oblong, heart, base-down triangle, oval and diamond. Diamond is the rarest, oval is deemed to the most adequately proportioned whereas round is the trickiest face shape.

Why do you need to choose the right frame for your face shape?

There is one cliché which you ought to remember and that is ‘first impression is the last impression’; and if not the last it is pretty lasting indeed. Your glasses play a pivotal role in forming this impression. They say a lot about you, therefore it is very important that you choose the right frame according to your particular face shape. Moreover, now a days glasses have become more of a fashion accessory instead of a necessity so fashion has to be a primary consideration as well.

Right Glasses for the Right Occasions

No matter what the occasion may be, no matter what type of glasses you might wear (be it your reading glasses or anti-glare glasses) it is possible to conjugate style with necessity. Your lens would not only enable you to look at the world with clarity, but your stylish eye glass frame will also make the world look at you in a different light.

How to identify your face shape?

Before choosing the right eye glass frame it is important that you know your face shape. We have jotted down some very simple and easy tips for you to determine your face shape.

  • Simply take a selfie.
  • The selfie should be front-facing.
  • Now print it out.
  • Get hold of a marker now and use it to draw two dots on both the external sides of your forehead, now draw two on either sides of your jawline, followed by two near your mouth and chin and last but not the least two dots on the top of your cheekbones near your eyes.
  • Once you have done this, sit back and join the dots that you drew.
  • The jots will be joined in the form of a shape. This shape will be your face shape.
  • You may end up with an oval, round, square, triangle, heart or diamond shape.

There would be different considerations for each of these face shapes while choosing an eye glass frame, however hereby we would be focusing on round faces since they happen to be the most daunting ones.

How to Choose the Right Frame?

Different factors come into play while choosing the right frame. Some notable ones from amongst these are geometry, style and of course aesthetics. It is amazing how the natural beauty of your face shape can be enhanced and the shortcomings disguised with the help of a simple accessory like an eyeglass frame. Also, not only will your face shape be a crucial factor in deciding the right frame for you, but other factors such as the shape of your eyes, the color of your eyes, your hair color and the complexion of your skin will all play along in making this decision. However, the deciding factor which has a pivotal role to play is YOUR PERSONALITY.

The problem is that there are just so many different styles and options available that one is at a loss, what to choose and where to choose from. Yet you need not fret and worry. This is where we step in. We have three pointers for you which will help you in narrowing down your research considerably and prevent you from trying on every single eye glass frame in order to find out which one suits you the best.

  1. Your best facial features have to be complemented by the frame you choose.
  2. The shape of the frame must present a contrast to your natural face shape.
  3. The frame’s size on the other hand must be in direct proportion to the size of your face.
How to Choose the Right Frame for a Round Face?
  • First of all you need to understand what a round face is all about. It is all about roundness with minimal or negligible angles.
  • The width of your face would generally be equal to its length.
  • This roundness of your face can however be compensated with rectangular frames with a clear and nicely defined bridge.
  • Such frames would widen your eyes and elongate your face giving it an illusion of length and slimness.
  • Exaggeratedly round frames as well as small ones ought to be avoided.

We hope that these tips would guide people with round faces in picking out the perfect eye glass frame for themselves.

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