Best Eyeglass Frames for Women

Choosing an eye glass frame which suits your face perfectly can be a daunting and confusing task. It is all the more difficult if you are buying a frame for the very first time. However, eye glasses are now trending as a statement accessory along with being a tool for vision correction. So it is mandatory that you choose the right kind of eye glass frame for your face which is voguish and complements your personality as well. We have been reinforcing time and again, the importance of face shape in the choice of an eye glass frame. Our best Eyeglass frames for women can bring a dramatic change in your appearance by accentuating your features and enhancing your looks, however it is very important that the frame of your choice caters to your face anatomy if you want to have the perfect fit.

  • Types of Face Shapes

If you are going to get an eye glass frame which complements your individual face shape, then it is important that you should be able to identify your particular face shape in the first place. There are seven broad categories in face shapes:

  1. Oval
  2. Round
  3. Diamond
  4. Oblong
  5. Heart shaped
  6. Square
  7. Base-down triangle
What are the options available to women for eyeglass frames?

Research indicates that women tend to be choosier when it comes to eyeglass frames as compared to men. This is only natural since beauty consciousness is an integral part of feminine make up. Men on the other hand pay heed to the level of comfort offered by an eyeglass frame and its general fitting. Women not only have to take durability and comfort level into consideration while choosing an eyeglass frame, but they also have to take into account its shape, its style, whether it looks good with make-up, what occasions it can be worn on etc.

Eye glass frames for women with round faces

We have already stressed upon the importance of face shape while choosing an eyeglass frame. One of the trickiest face shape category from amongst these is that of round face. Women with round faces have to be very careful while choosing an eyeglass frame for themselves so as not to further accentuate the roundness of their face.

In this article we shall be discussing several eyeglass frame options for women with round faces.

  1. Regular Eyeglass frame options
  • The size of your eye glass frame must be in harmony with the size of your face so that it doesn’t look odd, disproportionate and out of place. It should be suitable enough so that it frames your faces perfectly and fits in.
  • The ideal frame shapes for women with round faces would be rectangular, oval or square.
  • Your eyeglass frame should be such that it makes your face look thinner and slimmer.
  • For regular or formal occasions, you can opt for a semi-rimmed or thin rimmed frame.
  1. Designer Eye Glass Frame Options

It is the age of designers, with everything coming with a designer label and people racing to get their hands on the best designer stuff. These eye glass frames are sure to come with a hefty price tag. However, do not rely solely on the label. There are other factors you need to consider while choosing your perfect eye glass frame. These factors are listed below:

  • Your eye glass frame should complement the alignment of your brows.
  • Your eyes should be centered in the frame.
  • Geometric and angular shapes might prove to be better in this regard for women with round faces since they would give a sharp, well-defined and fully aligned look to your features.
  • Also, the presence of temples in your frame would create an illusion of length and would take attention away from the roundness of your face.
  • Designer frames may come with a variety of accents such as jewels to add a stylish, classy appeal to them.
  1. What are your off-limits?

There are certain red zones while choosing eye glass frames and you should be careful to avoid these red zones. Paying heed to these off-limits is important, otherwise your eye glass frame would only look out of place.

  1. Women with round faces should give a wide berth to rounded lens, since they will only make your already round face more round.
  2. Make sure that you find the perfect fit which is neither too loose nor too tight.
  3. It is best to avoid bulky frames.
  4. Women with round faces should also try to avoid very small eye glass frames as they often look ridiculous.
  5. Last but not the least, DO NOT compromise on the level of comfort offered by the eyeglass frame of your choice.

Given above are some tips and guidelines for choosing eyeglass frames, however there are no hard and fast rules just some generalizations. The best way to choose frames is to try them on and then pick the one which suits you the best.

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