Best Eyeglass Frames for Men

You might have thought that choosing an eye glass frame for men was just a matter of going in to the optician, selecting an affordable frame that provides comfort and is comprised of durable materials and voila you are done with the task since you have no other considerations to pay heed to, make up for instance. However, it is not as easy and simple as it appears to be. Obviously the materials which make up the frame of your glasses, their comfort level and their fit are primary considerations but along with these, there are several others factors which have to be paid heed to as well. Hereby, we have aggregated together all the relevant information about the different types of frames, the variety of styles which are available now a days and the multitude of materials which can be found. These easy tips and guide lines would help every man in looking for that perfect eye glass frame which was always meant to be yours.

Why are eyeglasses’ frames so important?

Before moving on to these tips and guide lines it is vital to understand why eye glass frames are so important and what is all the fuss about. What you need to remember is that these apparently harmless and innocent frames have the potential of making or breaking your appearance. The primary purpose which these frames serve is obviously correction of your vision but they are also somewhat of a fashion accessory and can be deployed for enhancement of your looks.

Owing to these very reasons, so many different styles and patterns are now available for you to choose from. Choices tend to vary. Some men would prefer going for the nice, smart look with thin frames whereas others would opt for a bolder streak in their personality with thicker-rimmed glasses. Whatever your choice may ultimately be, here are some basic guidelines for eye glass frames for men which will help you in making the perfect choice.

What are the Best Materials out there?

While choosing Best eyeglass frames for men, the primary things which you ought to look in the materials’ domain are:

  1. The material which is deployed should be sturdy.
  2. They should be durable.
  • Stainless steel frames, cobalt frames, flexon frames and titanium frames are amongst the most durable ones.
  • However, these days plastic frames are also trending quite a lot since they are light-weight and do not put much pressure on the bridge of your nose.
  • Nylon frames are another popular category since they come with dual advantages. They are not only light weight but they are unbreakable as well.
  • It is strongly recommended though that you go for a lighter frame since its comfort level would be high.
What are the different types of eye glass frames for men?

It has been formerly mentioned that glasses have now become somewhat of a statement accessory and thus now you can come across a myriad of styles and types in eye glass frames. The most common category amongst these are frames with a full rim however there are half-rimmed and rimless frames as well.
As far as shapes are concerned, the most common and popular shapes are rectangle, oval and round; although you can come across many other shapes as well.

  • Rim-less frames

Rim-less frames are perfect for formal occasions. They make you look delicate and decent. The frame consists of only temples and a bridge part to support your nose.

  • Semi-rimless frames

Many men prefer this type of frame which only covers half part of glasses.

  • Brow-bar frame

Another popular type of frame is the brow-bar frame. It can either be full-rimmed or half-rimmed; however its significance is that it is attached with a brow bar which is conjugated with the nose bridge. Bluntly put, this frame consists of double bridge.

  • Horn-rimmed frames

Horn-rimmed frames are quite in vogue these days; however they are also one of the most traditional frames, comprising of a bold, broad, heavy and thick-rimmed frame. These retro-eye glass frames are very popular these days both among men and women. They have a casual appeal to them though and wouldn’t fit in with most formal occasions.

What is the array of colors available?

Although a huge variety of colors is available, however dark colors are usually the most worn and suitable to choose from as well, unless you are seeking to make a bold statement by donning on a neon-colored eye glass frame.

  • The most suitable color tones for men are black, blue, grey and brown.
  • You may also choose to go for a two-colored frame for a more stylish appeal. The most favored color combinations for men are black and white, black and grey, grey and white etc.

Metallic colors are also another options that can do wonders for men. However, whatever color you may choose, make sure that it doesn’t have a feminine appeal.

What are the various temple patterns available?

There is a wide variety in temple patterns as well. In case you are wondering what temples are, then for your information these are the rods which extend from the frame’s front and go backwards over your ears. They provide support to your eyeglass frames. Temples vary in their diameter. Some are thick while others are thin. The most common type though are the skull temples. Thin temples generally go well with a delicate piece whereas thicker temples are more fashionable and casual.

The Final Word?

This diverse variety is enough to muddle anyone. However you need not fret and just go for the frame which catches your eye and looks good on your face. It is important that you choose a frame which is sufficiently broad and which complements your face shape.

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