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Best Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable contact lenses are an innovation in lens technology and come with a myriad of health benefits. Just as the name itself indicates, these lens can be removed and discarded away at the end of the day which in other words implies that these lens are fit for one-time use. The next time you would have to put on a fresh pair of disposable contact lenses. Owing to a multitude of health advantages which these lens claim to their name, they are becoming increasingly popular both among the consumers and practitioners as well.

The freshness and consequently cleanliness of these lens ensures that no bacteria, dirt or pollen accumulate in the lens. This prevention from buildups of any kind keep your lens clean and fresh and as a corollary are healthy for your eyes.

Disposable Contact Lenses are relatively new in the industry and there are lots of questioning concerning these lens, their pros and cons, how do they function, how do they differ from regular lens etc. This article aims to answer all of these questions one by one so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to opt for disposable contact lenses or whether you want to continue wearing your regular contacts.


Daily Disposable Contacts are different from just ‘disposable’ lens. The latter can be disposed off after every week, month or after every quarter. Daily disposable contact lenses in contrast are meant to be worn and removed on daily basis. On the other hand, do not also confuse yourself with daily disposable and daily contacts. The latter lenses are to be taken off every day at night before going to bed but they can be reused. The former contact lenses though have to be discarded daily once they are removed.

Why Replace Regular Lenses In The First Place?

Many people question that what is the need for throwing out or replacing contact lenses in the first place? Why buy so many lens when you could just as easily use one for a prolonged duration of time.

Researches though have indicated that the more frequently you replace your lens, the more comfortable and healthy it will be for your eyes. Over time, many substances accumulate and build up in your lenses. These substances could be dust, pollen or calcium, lipids and proteins present in your tears. The presence of these substances would have a negative impact on the comfort level of your lenses. Also, it also increases the chances for infections.

Undoubtedly there is an option of cleaning the lens but despite cleaning, there would be a percentage of deposits left behind on the lens, thus making replacement the only option for clean and fresh lens.

Difference between Daily Disposable Lenses & Regular Lenses

It has been known since a long time that it is healthy to replace lens frequently. However, contacts used to be costly and thus their expensive nature made it difficult for them to be replaced very often making people opt for cleaning devices and solutions instead.

However, with rapid advancement in technology, quality contact lenses are now being produced on a massive scale and at a comparatively lower price. As a consequence of this lower price, replacement of lens has become both easy and affordable.

As far as the materials of these contact lenses are concerned, some conventional materials used for regular contacts are deployed as well as some new materials are used which are specially designed to cater to the needs and requirements of disposability.

Health Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

It has been formerly mentioned that daily disposable contact lenses come with a myriad of health benefits which have been listed below:

  • Convenience:

These lens are convenient since they do not require regular cleaning and can be conveniently discarded at the end of each day.

  • Health Perks

This convenience is also conjugated with health benefits   since no deposits get accumulated over them as they removed and replaced every single day.

Pricing & Cost of Daily Contacts:

The cost of daily disposable contact lenses are basically determined by the manufacturing brand as well as the material of lens. However, on a general note, these lenses tend to be expensive as compared to regular lens which can be worn for prolonged periods of time.

Silicone hydrogel lens are said to have the best quality and thus come with a hefty price tag. However, what you need to remember is that even if you opt for regular contact lenses, you would still have to pay for cleaning solutions and devices. This additional expenditure which is not requirement in disposable lenses balances their price.

Moreover, along with the lenses’ cost, you would have to pay a fitting fee to an eye professional to get your lens fitted. Despite this, daily disposable contact lenses aren’t as costly as many people think. Also, they come with the perks of comfort and healthy vision which are worth the price.

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