Zombie Eyes Contact Lenses

zombie eyes contact lensesZombie Contact lens! You gasp, what are those? Yes, you heard alright, its Zombie themed Contact lenses. They may seem like new spooky lenses but actually zombie contact lenses aren’t so bizarre as they may sound. Ever wanted to scare someone’s pants off? Wanted to be the life of a Halloween party? Yep, that’s where zombie eyes contact lenses come in. If you have ever had those days where you wanted to uplift your gloomy mood and convince yourself that you were different and that those around you had better beware, zombie contact lens could be your go-to accessory.

Zombie Halloween Contact LensesImagine a day where everyone’s at home or it’s the time of the year when witches and wizards are abroad and even before the party you want to set things off with a bang. This is when zombie contact lenses can be handy option. All you have to do is paint your face with pure and pale foundation, pop in the zombie contact lenses, and mess up your hair and go downstairs. We’d love to hear the screams that issued forth from everyone in the house!

What do Zombie Contact Lenses Say about your personality?

The very thought of wearing zombie colored contact lenses or even clothing that would resemble a live corpse’s sounds bizarre and all wrong. However compared to the actual idea of flesh eating zombies, wearing themed colored contact lens really isn’t such a bad idea.

Virus Zombie Contact LensesZombie eyes contacts lenses are usually either completely white or are decorated with tinges of weird color; splotches of red, black, grey and white which can make the person appear both lifeless and scary at once. Hence, with zombie eyes contact lenses you have the chance to prove to everyone that you too, can be intimidating.

They portray you as someone who may feel negative from the inside and thus you have to unleash it in the form of your contact lens- this is the downside of wearing zombie contact lens.

What Kind of Makeup suits Zombie Contact Lenses?

We would really suggest that you DO NOT go for any additional makeup for zombie contact lens; the point of zombie contact lens is that your personality appears striking and you don’t need to pile up any makeup to go with it, apart from some fake wounds on your face. But if you really feel like, you can go for some slight makeup to further enhance the sickly and scary aspect of the zombie contact lens.

White Zombie Crazy Contact LensesWhite: You can wear white eye shadow or eye pencil around your eyes so that the zombie colored contact lens will pop out even more than before; you eyes will be sure to appear even more dramatic and visually challenging with white rimmed around your eyes as such.

Red: Red will be sure to enhance the aggressiveness of your zombie contact lens and will make you look and feel even angrier than ever before- people whom you don’t like will now be stumbling to get out of your way!

Events to which Zombie Contact Lenses can be Worn

To a Halloween party: First and foremost, I guess it should be obvious that the best choice for zombie contact lens would be to a Halloween party as Halloween parties are the usual places for the bizarre and weird. Your zombie contact lens should really cause a nervous breakdown in the midst of otherwise casual Halloween party and ramp things up for good!

Blood Shot Zombie Eyes Contact LensesTo Fright Fest: FrightFest may be one of the biggest horror and adult movie screenings in the UK but we’re certain there are different versions of the same event in other countries throughout the world. Hence if you are an extreme horror film fan you should go to any of these events and don your zombie colored lens to really fit in with all of the other moviegoers for the occasion!

To scare someone: If there’s a friend whom you want to surprise or someone who you may dislike who is worth a scare or two, we would really recommend that you go in for zombie contact lens as they will really frighten the person of your choosing for the rest of the day!

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