Werewolf Eyes Contact Lenses

Werewolf Contact LensesAt times life can seem quite ordinary and humdrum for one’s own good- a little change every now and then, is essential. It is with this in mind that we recommend that werewolf contact lenses can be ideal choice of makeover for the upcoming Halloween event.

Werewolf themed contact lenses imitate actual wolf eyes, and can appear spooky, creepy or just fantasy like as the case may be.

What does Werewolf Contact Lenses tell about your personality?

Werewolf Eyes Contact LensesThese novel Werewolf contact lenses enlightens the audience a lot about your personality and who you are – opting for werewolf colored contact lenses is not really something that everyone would decide upon to don. If you choose these, it symbolizes that you are someone fierce, eerie and someone who is always up for a change!

These contact lenses can also signify that you are not the kind of person who backs off from challenges or new deals, but that you take all of these head-on!

Kind of Makeup that suits Werewolf Themed Contact Lenses

Yellow Werewolf Contact LensesAlongside the novel looking werewolf theme lenses, the right kind of makeup can bring the best out of your look for Halloween.

  • Yellow Werewolf Eyes Contact Lenses

These will be yellow contact lenses that resemble a wolf’s eyes and which will feature a black craggy piece in the middle.The kind of makeup that would suit the yellow subcategory of werewolf eyes would be shimmery gold eye shadow that would really make your eyes appear bigger and more appealing

  • Red Werewolf Eyes Contact Lenses

Green Werewolf Contact LensesThis category of werewolf colored contact lenses will make your eyes appear deeper, craggier and fiercer than ever! It will feature a red mass with black pin points in the iris of the eye. You can either opt for red lipstick or else red eye liner that can rimmed around the eyes for a perfect, werewolf completed look!

  • Mixed Look

Here, the werewolf contact lenses will feature  a mixture of red, black and yellow tints all mingled in one iris and which will make your eyes appear bigger and better than ever! Since these werewolf colored contact lenses are dazzling as it is , we would really advise that you keep the makeup simple; opt for pink lips, pink cheeks or just blot in nude colored eye shadow around the eyes or suffuse it in your cheeks for the perfect look!

Events to which Werewolf Eyes Contact Lenses can be Worn
  • Orange Werewolf Costume Contact LensesHalloween Parties: Werewolf lenses will be a great fit for Halloween parties; you can wear them with anything- even normal clothes alongside wolf colored contacts would be great as you will nonetheless be transformed and appear to be a beast!
  • Cocktail Parties: Cocktail parties are a great way to loosen up and wear werewolf contacts which can make your eyes appear light, dark or fierce as you may want them! Best of all: you can wear a little black dress, a colorful cocktail ring and if you wear the yellow colored werewolf eyes lenses for instance, then your eyes will sparkle and so will the ring with which you matched your look!
  • Fancy dress parties: Another great place for you to try out the werewolf colored contact lenses would be at a fancy dress parties; such events demand attention in terms of details, and one such way to win this attention would be to bring it forth in the form of your eyes; startle and bewitch all and sundry with your brilliant green or yellow, werewolf colored eyes!
  • Horror movie night:  Another way to make it a  hit, is to opt for something as differential and small yet impact full as wearing freaky wolf contact lenses; think movies from the 1940’s or even 20’s such as Nosferatu and you will be able to create an ambiance of old world elegance, class, drama!
  •  Out with friends:  One last way to really shake things up when out with friends would be to wear your werewolf colored eye lenses then; they will create eye-brow raising conversations, besides giving much space to draw attention by different people to your brand new look!

Werewolf eye color contact lenses infographic

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