Snake Eyes Contact Lenses

snake eyes contact lensesSnake eyes contact lenses can tell a whole lot about you are as a person- for instance they can signify that you are someone with an exotic, exciting personality- they can also showcase you as someone who is not terrified to experiment and demonstrate people who you really are. These special effect contact lenses can also indicate that you are someone who is at once wise and yet sharp- given how the snake symbolizes agility, wisdom and strength all at once.

Snake Eyes Contact Lenses

Kind of Makeup which Suits Snake Eyes Contact Lenses

Given the fact that how often enough, many people do not don snake colored contact lenses – it is a very rare thing to find someone bold enough to try them out.

However, we think you will find some sensual and appealing makeup tips here- just because you’re trying on something new doesn’t mean that it has to be tacky or eccentric!

  • Red Eyeliner: If you notice something, red is an attractive and unusual color in itself, and paired with snake colored contact lenses, it can really exhibit someone who is strange, and yet highly powerful; just line some around the upper lid and rim it along your lower lids and see the highly colored and stark contrast that is created.
  • Silver Eye Shadow: Silver eye shadow will make anyone stand out anyway; however, when paired off with snake eye lenses, it can really make you appear nearly supernatural; imagine donning snake eyes contact lenses of either a vivid blue or green with a line running in the middle, and then pair it off with something as elegant as silver eye shadow and see how breathtaking and sublime you appear all at once!Nagini Snake Contact Lenses
  • Purple Lips: This is obviously not meant for everyone; just like snake colored contact lenses are not meant for everyone. However, when you plan to don the most eccentric form of contact lenses like snake eyes, Purple lips are just what is needed, juxtaposed with snake eye contacts to give a bizarre and otherworldly effect; this is particularly true if you are going somewhere where drawing attention to oneself is particularly desirable.
  • Green Lip Gloss:  Finally, we recommend green lip gloss to accessories your makeup attire. Green lip gloss will truly highlight your personality and your face all at once and make you stand out as someone who has truly embraced either the venomous side of nature or else the striking, and fierce side!
Events to which Snake Eyes Contact Lenses can be WornCobra Snake Contact Lenses

1- Fancy Dress Party: Snake lenses are splendid if you want to make an impact at a fancy dress party; you don’t have to look ridiculous by actually dressing up as a snake, you merely have to implement one aspect of it, and make yourself stand out – thus don snake colored contact lenses and make yourself appear as the belle of the ball!

2- Fright Fest: Even if you’re unable to attend the actual Fright Fest event at Camden, we would still recommend that you opt for snake eye colored contacts if you’re going to scare a friend or if you simply want to hold a horror movie night at your place and implement some elements of scary movies in your party!

3- Senior skip day: We know all about how fun it is to bunk the last day of the semester; add some merriment to your event by donning snake colored contact lenses and really funk it up with friends

4- Fun work events: although this may not happen often enough, sometimes work events can call for celebration and in that case, you can don snake colored lenses and make your colleagues laugh for a bit mate!Aqua Snake Eyes Contact Lenses

5- Halloween party: Last of all, sometimes in order to have a good Halloween, all that is needed is the implementation of certain factors; prime case being snake colored contact lenses as one of the few details you need to look into in order to be able to liven things up as not just a party animal, but as someone who can ensure that Halloween will be a lot more fun than it would have been!

So, what are you waiting for?

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