Red Colored Contact Lenses

Red colored contact lenses are highly unusual; you will rarely see anyone sporting red colored contact lens. The reason is probably that red colored contact lenses are dramatic, devilish and definitely not something that the fainthearted ought to be wearing! Red colored lens can help you live out your seductive, dramatic and highly sensual fantasy in the boudoir or can even really vamp up a otherwise really nerdy Halloween party!

Let’s also not forget that Halloween is the perfect occasion to don such colored contact lenses. It means there is plenty of opportunity for you to be able to deck out not just a sparkly vampire dress but the perfect eye color as well! It’s your time to choose the spectacular red shaded contact lens of your choice!

What Do Red Colored Lenses Tell About Your Personality?

We know that red colored lenses symbolize someone who is fiery, hot tempered and sensual all at once. That should be obvious as the color red has traditionally symbolized such sentiments. Let’s dig a little deeper however. What if we decided to delve into different shades of red and what wearing contact lenses linked to that particular shade would symbolize or indicate?

Burgundy Red: This is a shade of red that is actually more brown than red. Burgundy red is as such, more down to earth than mysterious and sensual. Wearing this shade of red as colored contact lenses indicates that you are someone to whom; power, prestige mean a great deal but in an organized manner. You are also someone who is more conventional, though this doesn’t stop you from getting what you want!

True Blood: This is red in its purest form. Wearing this shade of red colored lenses will initially indicate that you are someone with such a bold personality that you cannot hide this. It has to come out. This shade of intense, rich red will also show that you are someone sensual, unconventional and someone who is also apparently fond of power! Then again however, true red has been associated with revenge which could also mean that everyone should watch out as you are out for blood!

What Kind of Makeup Would Suit Red Colored Lenses?

This is surprisingly not a very difficult question to answer. We have split up this answer into two parts to make it easier.

For True Red or Dark Red Colored Lenses: For this shade of red colored lenses, you should opt for very light to no makeup. You can don a nude colored lip-liner or lipstick but we really wouldn’t advise that you go overboard with the makeup look here. True red is such a rich, inviting and intense color itself that it really doesn’t need anything else. You can however choose to wear a pale white foundation or a nude-beige tinted moisturizer which will further help enhance the eye popping look here.

For Light Red Colored Lenses: For light red colored lenses, you have more liberty with how your makeup should look. You can pick a turquoise or a sea green eye liner and rim it round your eye; you can also choose a pale pink blush and a darker shade of brown matte eyeshadow as they will complement the light red colored lenses.

Events at which you can wear Red Colored Contact Lenses

Halloween Parties: October 31st and Saimhain or the 1st of November are right around the corner! As these times of the year are traditionally meant to result in the unleashing of spiritual or supernatural forces, you ought to welcome them by wearing a devilish pair of true red colored lenses at your annual Halloween party!

For a Video shoot: With the onslaught of technology it has now become more common for ourselves to be asked by friends or family to help out with amateur music or film videos; so if you will soon be appearing in an indie horror film advertisement or video you know what to wear now!

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