Here at, your confidentiality is our utmost priority. So the entirety of this page is to erase your doubts regarding the security of your personal data and to convince you that you are indeed in good hands. To set the course straight, we assure you that our policy is identical for everyone, they maybe an occasional visitor to our most loyal customers. Anonymity is promised at, and your personal data is not reproduced or manipulated in any way whatsoever. For an in-depth inquiry you can glance at the topics below.

Topics at a Glance:

  • Users
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Cookies
  • Copyright Policy
  • External Links
  • Advertisements
  • Security
  • Modification in Privacy Policies and its disclosure

As mentioned above the services we provide are equal to all visitors, no unnecessary protocols and exceptions are given to any user. Our servers do not snoop around any of user’s personal data, we absolutely do not require your identity until there is a transaction to be made. For your better understanding, your properties such as name, address, phone number, and email addresses undisclosed to us.

Our servers, however, does record non-personal identity details, like to which specific server you are connected/signed in you are, your geographical location, your IP address, date and time of the visit, browser you use, and lastly over-all time you spend at our site. The information we collect is justifiable as it is essential for the statistical data we compile for our site visitation.

The other personal information that is recorded is what you provide yourself, for instance when you full out a form on site, or account you make and for transactional purposes.

Affiliate Programs:

Lensrage is attached to many subsidiary programs and organizations, officially. For instance we are a part of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, what it does is that it depends on us for advertising program as the products listed on our site are the ones the links it back to In order to aid our customers we are supported by many third-party affiliate programs to make our collection of contact lenses complete.


Lensrage uses cookies for piling a general data for statistical purposes only, this includes how many people visit our site, how long they stay, how many pages they view, and we use tracking ID when you visit the site of our affiliate organization while making a transaction. As many of you are aware, cookies is actually controllable by our worthy visitors through means of the browser. In case, they block cookies for our site they may not be able to view some essential content which is completely harmless. Lensrage is a legitimate platform that is committed to protect your security.

Copyright Policy:

In any case scenario, no individual or a group of individuals can copy or manipulate and reuse the data from our site to their own program by this we refer to content of our articles, reviews, product description or any company advertisement. It should be a reminder that we can take action by assist of court of law, and then ban the perpetrator from visiting our site. Originality is essence of a site and individuals should refrain for committing copyrights violation.

If someone is in need of our content he or she can get hold of it legally by submitting a written application with proper documentation and then we can accommodate the request.

External Links:

Our program is made possible by our affiliate programs and on multiple occasions you may find their references and links to their website. However we are not liable to entertain any issue regarding security or any other, of our affiliate partners because for this purpose you can refer to affiliate’s policies. You enter their site at your own risk and this clause is present in our terms and conditions.


Third-party advertising companies are authorized by us to display their ads within the allotted space for ads. They may use your non-personal information about your visits and deduce from them your topic of interest. With the click on the ad banner you involve cookies which may use track the ad’s effectiveness. These cookies are collected by the advertiser once you enter their site and this whole event is on your own risk as it is undesirable for us to intervene in their privacy policy.

We, on the other hand, try our very best have reputable advertisers which cannot harm your personal data. Lensrage is against scamming and we certainly do not want our worthy users to fall into one either.


Lensrage has intact security measures which are there to protect our visitors from any loss, misuse, and change the data under our control.

Modification in Privacy Policies and its disclosure:

As mentioned above, this page forms a basis of our site usage for our visitors and it is made in your best of interest. This policy answers many of the user’s queries and solidifies our commitment for your security and privacy. In order to make your visit more worthwhile we reserve the right to alter clauses mentioned on this page. These changes will of course be minor and some of them negligible as well, these changes will immediately will be disclosed on this page.