Gold Colored Contact Lenses

Gold colored contact lenses can indicate a lot about who you are as a person- for instance it can truly denote you as someone who appears brilliant, striking and intensely beautiful all at once. Since, gold colored contact lenses come in different shapes and sizes; you can come across multiple gold contacts which can aid you in being reflected as a person of elegance, class and above all, beauty!

If you don gold contact lenses that carry a tinge of yellow or gold, people will also get the impression that you are someone who can dazzle and carry herself off with grace- you will also be perceived as a person who is subtle and sophisticated!

What kind of makeup suits gold colored contact lenses?

Despite the implication that they are imperfect or not worn often, can actually be paired off with quite a few makeup looks!

  • Red lipstick: If you stick to fresh, dark red lipstick and couple that with nude or pale skin with gold colored contact lenses, masked by only the hint of a few brown eye lashes or liner, you will see the immense difference almost immediately!
  • Purple eye shadow: Purple eye shadow is perfect for gold colored contact lenses as it will make your eyes appear luminescent and lovely all at once- it will be the perfect tinged contrast of lilac meets gold anyway!
  • White or silver eye shadow: White or silver eye shadow is perfect as it will really help accentuate your eyes and make them appear mysterious, glamorous and brilliant all at once!
  • Pink blush: just a spot of pink blush on both cheeks, will also really make the gold contacts pop out and sparkle up like anything!
  • Smokey eyes: Smokey eyes are perfect fit for gold lenses; it is the opposite of wearing gold colored eye shadow with black or smokey and blurred eye shadow and perfectly setting it off.
Events to which you can wear gold colored contact lenses

There are a multitude of events to which gold colored contact lenses can be worn. The chief being:

  • To work: If you wish to look elegant in front of your colleagues, then one way of doing so is to wear gold colored contact lenses which would surprise everyone by how different you suddenly seem- and yet you won’t immediately be able to put the spot on what has changed about someone!
  • To a cocktail party: Cocktail parties are the perfect places to try out something like gold colored contact lenses; you can don gold colored contact lenses, and pair it off with the perfect smokey eye shadow along with the perfect little black dress for a spot on, party-perfect look anytime!
  • To a house party: House parties are also not such a bad idea if you want to try out something new, without precisely scaring people. In this regard, gold colored contact lenses are an excellent idea as your eyes will appear ‘new-dyed’ but at the same time, they will have an immensely pleasurable effect on people!
  • Daily Routine: As with the vampire colored contact lenses, there’s no reason why you should want to limit the fun stuff to parties or events- you can even opt to wear something like gold colored contact lenses on a daily basis and note how glamorous and unstoppable you appear; gold colored lenses will signify thus that you enjoy change every once in a while and that you aren’t afraid to uplift your day!
  • Concerts: Concerts are the ideal places to try out something like gold lenses because as you stand under the limelight and have fun, you too can appear rock star-ish; even though you may not be wearing anything that’s sequin-ey or too brilliant in colors such as gold, or even silver. Instead opt for something as flattering as gold colored contact lenses which will make your eyes stand out, appear poppy and all at once reflect you as someone who is truly a show stopper!

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