Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses

Glow in the Dark Contact LensesWe all would heard about vivid colorful and funky lenses cat eyes lenses, and vampire lenses for Halloween occasion and we also acquainted with the generic colored contact lenses such as blue, green, brown etc. However, the latest trendy introduction in Halloween contacts are the Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses, which is a unique innovation and a much appreciated for sending some scares down the spine. Let’s see what these lenses are and what significant traits do they claim to their name.

Yellow UV Glow in Dark Contact LensesGlow in the dark contact lens are characterized by their lovely, glowing charm. Their sparkly nature makes them extremely beautiful. In fact they look so intoxicating that they are fit to wear in a cat walk. These very reasons make these lens voguish- a fashion trend which is being rampantly adopted by people.

What Are Glow in the Dark Lenses?

The name of these contact lenses is self-explanatory and defines what they are and what they do. Well, for starters, these lens GLOW IN THE DARK. An obvious question which pops up in our mind is that how these contacts glow in the dark? These are specially designed contacts which has luminescent coating applied onto the surface, which is mainly responsible for a perfect glow. This luminous surface enables these lenses to glow no matter whether it is day time or night time.

Funky Violet Glow UV Contact  LensesYet, this also doesn’t imply that these lenses would shine in utter and impenetrable darkness. Rather, they usually glow in dimly lit places such as nightclubs which is all the more fun since you can mesmerize others while dancing and have an even funkier time.

These lenses can be a great addition to your Halloween make over. Your flashy eyes are sure to dazzle the onlookers and leave them in a state of bewilderment.

 What Kind of Makeup Suits Glow in the Dark Contacts?

Funky White UV Glow Contact LensesGlow in the dark contact lenses are unlike any other contacts you may have come across, even dramatic lenses such as cat-eye lens. Indeed, these lenses are pretty dramatic and intense but the situation also has a significant toll on the effect of the lenses. For instance, your glow in the dark lenses would be at their best in alleys and nightclubs where there are flashy lights and bursts of music. However, they are a notch less dramatic than cat-eye lenses and those of the like kind and therefore their subtlety enables you to wear a tad flashier or brighter make up with them.

You may consider putting on a winged eye liner conjugated with a glittery eye shadow. The amalgamation of your eye makeup and glow in the dark lenses will surely put forward you as a glamorous queen on a Halloween night.

Besides putting on glittery eye makeup, it is also suggested that you focus on your lips. Bold, bright and fulfilling lip colors such as bright red and fuchsia pink will surely make your eyes look much vibrant and striking. It will be as if your eyes are emanating attraction, colors and boldness.

 Events to Wear Glow in the Dark Eye Lenses

Dark Red UV Contact LensesGlow in the dark eye lenses are so versatile and magical that apart from the Halloween parties you can also wear them to all sorts of parties such as welcome parties, fashion shoots, night clubs, night parties, evening functions or even casual hangouts with your friends such as a movie plan.

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