Fake Glasses for Kids

Unlike the old days when people sporting spectacles were deemed to be uncool geeks and nothing more, glasses have now become voguish and something of a statement accessory. Nerdy is the new cool and sexy. Stylish frames are trending heavily and are flaunted by those who need vision correction. But what if a kid with flawless vision wants to appear cool by donning on a cool frame or wants to create a nerdy illusion? Fake glasses for kids are the very answer for this question. Now a days fake glasses have come up in markets for the aesthetic satisfaction of those who are in no medical need of them. These kid glasses come in a myriad of styles and shapes so you can easily choose ones which complement your personality and satiate your fashion appetite.

What is the difference between Fake Glasses & Non-prescription Glasses?

Fake glasses are generally equated with non-prescription glasses and kids often wonder whether they belong to the same species. The answer to this question is paradoxical indeed. They are both similar and not similar at the same time. This answer might be muddling your child but all you have to do is brainstorm a little and the jigsaw would make sense. Yes, as a matter of fact, fake glasses are non-prescription glasses indeed but this doesn’t necessarily imply that all non-prescription glasses are fake glasses. In fact, another popular category of non-prescription glasses with which we are deeply acquainted in our everyday lives is that of sun glasses. Sun glasses are not prescribed by an optician but they are very functional as they protect your eyes from harmful ultra violet rays of sun and any consequent diseases. Moreover, they also serve as a fashion accessory.

Fake glasses are closer to generic prescription glasses as compared to sunglasses, though with one major difference. Yes, you got it right. FAKE GLASSES DO NOT CORRECT YOUR VISION (and you would presumably be getting fake glasses only if you are not in need of vision correction). In other words, they lack functionality since their sole purpose is to enhance your looks and make your appearance nerdy or rather a cool nerdy.

  • Styles of Fake glasses

Just as prescription glasses come in a variety of frame styles, there is a great variety in the styles and sizes of fake glasses as well. You can come across thin, wire-less or semi-rimmed frames as well as heavy, bold and thicker-rimmed frames. As a matter of fact, these days the latter frames are more voguish since they give a tough, bold edge to your personality along with making you look smarter.

  • How much will a pair of fake glasses for kids cost you?

As a parent you need not to worry about the cost of Fake glasses as they are generally cheap and you can get them for your kids at $10 or less.

  • Why do Kids wear Fake glasses?

The answer to the question of why do kids wear fake glasses is intrinsically tied with when do kids wear fake glasses. The occasions for which children don these fake glasses delineates the purpose of their wearing it.

  • They may wear them casually just to look like a cool geek.
  • They may wear them to a party to look smart and leave an intelligent impression.
  • They may wear it to an important academic occasion to appear much sophisticated and competent.
  • At times, just knowing that you look smart and sophisticated owing to your fake glasses would give you a spark of confidence and help you to cool down your nerves.
  • Face Shape and Fake glasses

One important fact to note at this juncture is that just as you have to be very careful while choosing frames for your prescription glasses and have to take your individual face shape into account so that they are not ill-fitting and complement your personality; similarly you have to be on your watch while selecting fake glasses for yourself too. Different factors have to come into play such as your face shape, your overall personality and whether or not you can carry off a particular frame etc. Otherwise you might find that instead of having his/her desired effect, your child will only end up looking ludicrous.

Fake Glasses for kids – Where to find them?

You may not find fake glasses for kids from your ordinary drug stores since they are most likely to be selling cheap versions of reading glasses. Neither would you be getting them from a proper optometrist since he would require you to give him an appropriate prescription.

However, it is not difficult to find fake glasses. Big stores such as Amazon, Walmart or Macys might have them. If you do not have physical access to these stores, you may choose to order them online. In fact, in this cyber age there are a number of online stores which offer you this facility.

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