Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

The primary purpose which contact lenses are supposed to serve is the correction of one’s vision. However, colored contact lenses have a dual approach. They are not only deployed for the correction of your sight, but they also help you look much more stylish and trendy since they change your eye color. They enhance your natural looks and thus they can be worn by anyone, regardless of age and sex. It can alter perceptions about you in accordance with your eye color; therefore colored contact lenses for dark eyes can give you a certain edge in terms of intensifying and flattering your looks. People with dark eyes usually opt for virulent shades of blue and green in order to make their eyes pop out. Most people decide upon changing their eye color due to the feelings of inadequacy which arises when one feels that his/her natural eye color is not much flattering.

However, it is essential to know that merely green and blue lenses aren’t the only options for you if you have dark eyes. There are myriad of shades available out there which could complement your dark eyes. The only consideration which you should have while choosing lens for your dark eyes is that they complement the intrinsic shape of your eye so that the overall impact is stunning and flattering. Our recommendation would be that you explore different and unique shades of blue and green instead of the generic ones. Try out royal blues, baby blues, vibrant greens, ashy greys etc. and see how they suit your eyes.

Which Types of Colored Contact Lenses Complement Dark Eyes

For people with dark eyes, the most obvious choice would be to go for a lighter shade. Yet, most people are often unaware of this fact that dark eyes are intrinsically so intense, dramatic and vivid that all they require is a mere enhancement; a re-touch. A simple re-touch would be enough to imbue your eyes with that remarkable freshness which you desire. This re-touch and enhancement can be effectively achieved with the help of opaque lens. They may not strike you as an exceptionally brilliant idea in the beginning, but you ought to take our word on this. Once you put on these lenses, you will abruptly feel the difference. Your eyes will look shinier and brighter than before.

These contact lenses can also be found in startling colors and amazing patterns which are much better than simple, plain ones. In fact, these opaque lenses are becoming rampantly popular as they strike a completely different chord in one’s personality. They have the potential of endowing you with a mystical, magical and flatteringly beautiful appearance. However, no matter how attractive they might be, they may give the other person an impression that you are someone they need to be wary of.

There are four popular shades in which opaque lenses can be found. One of the most popular shades is that of pearl grey which makes your eyes look mesmerizing and imbued with elegance. They would endow your eyes with a subtle solemnity which is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Hereby, we have aggregated together our favorite picks of how you ought to select colored contact lenses for dark eyes:

  • Yellow colored contact lenses: These lenses would endow your eyes with an illusion of enlargement, brilliance and brightness. They will surely make you look sparkly and striking if you are in a night club or someplace which is dimly lit.
  • Glow in the dark colored contact lenses: Glow in the dark colored contact lenses would make your already rich eyes much more gorgeous. In fact, a certain feline glamour would be discerned in your eyes whilst you are sporting these lenses.
  • Royal blue colored contact lenses:  Royal blue is like no other color. It has royal notions with it; something that appears to be both imperial and imposing at the same time. Therefore, royal blue colored contact lenses would make your eyes look as they had never looked before. They will be vivid, glamorous and would make you stand out in a crowd.
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