Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes have a charm and an attraction of their own; brown eyes can render the person to be charismatic, charming and lovely all at once; hence donning colored contact lenses for brown eyes more often than not, will indicate that someone is honest, open and warmhearted.

What do brown eyes tell about someone’s personality?

Brown eyes may be ordinary place nonetheless, and people may often find themselves despairing for different color of eyes; in such cases, do not fret but opt for blue contact lenses, or even green and black ones. They will ensure that your eyes are transformed and you have something new to look forward to!

What kind of Makeup suits Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Here’s the best thing however about brown colored contact lenses, which may appear to you, so very ordinary, is that all kinds of makeup can suit brown colored eyes.

Pink lips and pink cheeks: Pink as a whole, is an attractive color for brown colored eyes; pink will make your eyes pop out and will make your cheeks appear flushed and natural. Thus opt for pink in the lips as well as the cheeks, if you want to make your face look prettier than ever

Purple eye shadow: Purple eye shadow is amazing for brown colored eyes as well as blue or green eyes  as it firstly provides  a very pleasant contrast; secondly it can be smudged on in either lilac or even darker shades of purple, if that is what you desire

White eye shadow: White against blue colored contact lenses for instance,  can provide that certain oomph factor which would really make everyone gape in wonder and leave them feeling stunned as you will appear different and yet lovely all at once

Red lips: Both red and brown are warm, earthy colors so opting for red lipstick along with brown colored eyes may be a suitable option as your eyes will appear dazzling and lovely and beautiful all at once!

Gold eye shadow: Gold eye shadow can be smudged in or even properly applied, along with traces of black liner or pencil and this can really make your eyes stand out as bold, lovely and generous!

Smokey eyes: Smokey eyes can also do wonders for brown colored eyes; besides presenting a great contrast, smokey colored contact lenses can also make your eyes appear bigger, better and lovelier than ever before!

Events to which you can wear Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes
  • Office events: You can wear colored contact lenses for brown eyes to office events; for instance you can switch to lovely blue or green colored contact lenses for brown eyes, if you want a change for instance
  • Cocktail parties: Cocktail parties are really a great way to slip on some beautiful black or even dark green colored contact lenses and watch as they heighten your face and intensify your looks!
  • Lunch with friends: If you go out for lunch with friends, so another way to jazz up this time is to try different colored contact lenses such as yellow colored contact lenses, blue or even black colored contact lenses; people will not immediately be able to spot how you have transformed, but they will be amazed!
  • Just at home: You can also opt for colored contact lenses if you are just at home, because colored contact lenses can help you see a different, previously unknown side to yourself, along with a allowing you to discover fascinating new dimensions to your personality
  • For formal dinners: While everyone else is simply spending money on expensive new dresses, one way for you to make a dazzling entrance is to opt for something as different as colored contact lenses; picture yourself stepping off a staircase, and even if you’re wearing a simple dress, we’re certain you will leave people gasping and breathless as you startle them with perfection with eyes that are clear, perfect and absolutely gorgeous ! Furthermore if you are looking for a night away from your boring old self, then this is the perfect way. You can also entice new friends and get to meet more attractive and interesting people in this way!

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