Cat Eyes Contact Lenses

Cat Eyes Contact LensesIf you are creative and always think-out-of-the-box, then we have something just for you. If you are someone who is daring and isn’t afraid to assert the boldness of his/her personality then here is what you need to do. Donning Cat Eyes Contact Lenses reveals your bold personality to the world out there. Not only will the world perceive you as someone who is bold, daring and always willing to accept challenges, but you would also be taken as someone who is brilliant and full of fun.

White Cat Eye Contact LensesAt first, things which are different and unique tend to startle people and then gradually they become smart and trendy. This was precisely what happened when vampire lenses were first introduced. Similarly, cat eyes contact lenses startled people at first but gradually they grew into an appealing trend which was deemed to be both stylish and smart.

Cat eye contact lens make a statement owing to their unusual appearance and striking colors. However, they are not intended for vision correction or to serve any optical purposes. They are dramatic and thus can be carried off pretty well in either a party or a slightly formal event.

Yet, before buying cat eye lens, make sure that they suit you and your personality. Ill-fitting lens are only going to cause you pain and anguish later on.

What do Cat Eye Contacts Reveal about Your Personality?

Funky Red Cat Eye Contact LensesBefore moving on to the impressions and perceptions which other people have about your personality owing to your lens, let us first understand what cat eye lens actually look like. The iris of cat eye lenses is shaped like a slender oval which of course is completely unlike what normal eyes look like. This difference is precisely what makes these lens so dramatic.

Apart from their shape, vivid color combinations are also responsible for some of the drama created by cat eyes contact lenses. They are imbued with colors like green, black, yellow, white, red etc. This profusion of colors is similar to what you will feel or come across when you actually look into a cat’s eye.

Now, let’s move on to what cat eye lens say about your personality. The very first fact which these lens delineate is that you are someone who isn’t afraid of being different or standing out. Secondly, these lens will also hint at your sexiness and attractiveness. You just have to have a look at Cat-woman and you will know how sexy and attractive cat-eyes look. Cat eyes signify beauty, independence and power; all simultaneously.

Even mythology supports this fact. In ancient days, cat was taken to be an Egyptian Goddess and thus was held in great esteem and reverence by the people of that time. However, at the same time they were awed by it and fearful of it because they believed that it brought darkness and revenge too. Keeping in line with this myth, cat eye lens will make people perceive you as someone who is insanely attractive but also fearfully ruthless at the same time.

What Kind of Makeup Complements Cat Eyes Lenses?

Funky Yellow Cat Eye Contact LensesHereby, we have listed our favorite picks in makeup which is supposed to complement cat-eye lenses.

  • Nude makeup: Cat eye lenses are already very vivid and intense in themselves so it is best to contrast them with something which is comparatively subtle so that your eyes pop out beautifully. Given that cat eye lenses can already appear so vivid and intense in themselves, it is better to opt for makeup that will make your eyes pop out but not look overdone. Therefore, it is best to go for nude shades instead of virulent ones. A beige blush would look beautiful with cat eye lenses when conjugated with mascara loaded lashes or false lashes. This would make you look fierce yet elegant simultaneously.
  • Glittery eyeliner: You can also wear cat eye lenses with a completely bare face. However, the spark is added to this bare face by the application of a glittery eye liner. This would make your eyes look magical as well as dramatic.
Events on Which to Wear Cat Eye Lenses

Pink Cat Eyes Contact LensesThere are no rules set in stone prescribing when you ought to wear cat eye lenses and when you need to abstain from wearing them. However, there are certain events indeed on which it would simply be absurd to wear cat eye lens such as a job interview etc. These lenses can only cater to the conditions of certain events such as Halloween parties or others functions of the like kind. Eventually though you yourself can decide which events would be good enough to wear these lenses given the solemnity of those occasions and other considerations.


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