Best Semi Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are a very popular variation of eye glasses. Many people who sport spectacles prefer to keep at least one pair of glasses or semi rimless glasses with them since these glasses are the epitome of sophistication. There are a myriad of advantages which these glasses claim to their name. However, before going into the detail of these advantages it is vital to get acquainted with them in the first place. Hereby, we would be elaborating what best semi rimless glasses are, followed by the multiple reasons which make them so appealing in the first place.

Semi Rimless Glasses- What are these?

Conventionally, eye glasses are comprised of two pieces. One being the frame and the other being the lens. What happens is that these plastic or glass lenses are enclosed from all sides by a frame. This frame can either be made of plastic or metal. The ear pieces are also attached with this metal/plastic frame so that the glasses can be worn easily.

Rimless glasses on the other hand are a complete contrast to the traditional ones. They are devoid of any frame and the lenses are directly attached to the ear pieces with a bridge connecting the two pieces. Semi rimless glasses however do not fall in both of these extremes. They are a variation of rimless glasses since neither are they completely enclosed by a frame nor are they completely devoid of a frame. Only some portion of the glasses are covered whereas the edges are not.  Almost always, the top of the lenses is covered while the bottom is not.

History of Semi Rimless Glasses

It would be interesting if one turns back the pages of history to see when these glasses first made their appearance. Despite being very modern and trendy, their origin seems to date back to the 1930s. Back then, semi rimless glasses would comprise of a lens screwed directly into the plastic/metal frame. These days however there is a solid top frame conjugated with a light wire which is used to keep the lens secure since they are devoid of a bottom frame.

Advantages Semi Rimless Frame Glasses

Now that we have sufficiently elaborated what best semi rimless glasses are, it is time to move on to the various advantages which these glasses claim to their name.

If you want a clean and tidy look which is sophisticated but strong at the same time, then these glasses are your perfect call. Here are some of the reasons why semi rimless glasses are the best ones out there

  • Light Weight

Since these glasses are not enclosed from all sides in a metal/plastic frame, therefore they tend to be light-weight. As a corollary, you wouldn’t feel any strain, even after having worn these glasses for a long time. Moreover, owing to this lightness of weight, you wouldn’t end up with any nose pad marks either. Bluntly put, they are a very comfortable wear.

  • Classy

Despite their long history, these glasses are very fashionable and classy. Since they lack any bottom frame, therefore your facial features would be more visibly apparent as compared to traditional framed glasses.

  • Visual Correction

Despite their modest and trendy outlook, they are as effective as their any other framed counterpart. They can be deployed for both far sightedness as well as near sightedness and thus can improve the quality of your vision considerably.

Disadvantages of Semi Rimless Frame Glasses

Just like everything has both its pros and cons, similarly semi rimless eye glasses also come with their respective disadvantages as well.

  • High Price Tag

These glasses are generally more expensive since they are difficult to construct. Their higher price tag is directly proportional to the difficulty of their construction. It is crucial that you get a pair which is well constructed since they are devoid of the support of a bottom frame.

  • Fragile

As compared to their conventional framed counterparts, these glasses tend to be more fragile as well and therefore can be easily broken. Thus, it is vital that you are cautious while handling them.

  • Repair Prone

Owing to this fragility that has been formerly elaborated, these glasses are more prone to repairs. They are quite vulnerable to breakage and damage and thus have to be subjected to repairs more often as compared to framed ones.

  • No to Sports

Moreover, it is best not to wear them while engaging in sports or other such physically exertive activities.

The Final Word

Notwithstanding these disadvantages, semi rimless glasses are still a very sophisticated and fashionable choice. Their advantages easily outweigh their disadvantages. The best option however is to consult your eye specialist and get his /her recommendation first.

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