Best Cycling Sunglasses to Consider

Have you ever wondered why professional cyclists are always seen with sporting sunglasses when they are in the field? Is it merely a fashion accessory or does it perform any other function as well that makes it essential for them to equip themselves with the Best Cycling Sunglasses? Questions of the like kind might trouble you when you get on your cycle wondering whether you should get hold of a cycling sunglasses or not.

What you need to keep in mind at this juncture is that apart from being a fashion accessory, these glasses perform a very important role as well. They are crucial in protecting your eyes against the blinding glare of sunlight and the harmful UV rays which it gives off. Moreover, they also act as a shield against several other factors such as dust, rain, wind etc. which have the capability of impairing your vision.

Now that the importance of cycling sunglasses has been established, one wonders what features s/he should look for when buying these glasses.

Features to look for in Best Cycling Sunglasses

  • First of all, the primary feature which you ought to look for is a wraparound design. This sole feature distinguishes cycling sunglasses from your regular sunglasses since it enables the frame to sit closer and thus provide maximum protection to your face.
  • The next feature which you ought to pay heed to is the weight of the frame as well as the lenses. Cycling sunglasses generally tend to have a much thinner and lighter frame, however it ought to be very durable and resistant simultaneously.
  • As far as the lens are concerned, cycling sunglasses usually sport lens which are shatter proof. They come in a variety of tints, meant to cater to different lighting circumstances and conditions. This broad spectrum of tints starts from dark black which serves to provide you protection from bright sunlight and ends at yellow which is useful for improving contrast when the cyclist is encountered with poor light. Moreover, there are even clear lenses out there which are perfect for cycling indoors.

As a matter of fact, there is so much variety out there now when it comes to lens colors and tints that one has difficulty deciding which lens would work the best for him/her. This decision can best be made by paying heed to your particular riding conditions and circumstances.

Furthermore, now you can even buy cycling sunglasses which come with interchangeable lens. These glasses are the most popular choice these days since they enable you to have a variety of lens at your disposal. You can then switch and use them according to your particular cycling needs and lighting conditions.

Photochromic lens serve as an alternative to interchangeable lens. These lens tend to tint lighter or darker according to the lighting conditions. Although the spectrum of tints gets limited, however you are spared the effort of changing your lens again and again.

Cycling sunglasses have been evolving with time and getting advanced by each passing day. Now a days it is possible to get hold of cycling sunglasses which are super added with an anti-fogging coating. This anti-fog layer helps to keep your vision clear even when you are sweating. Also, make sure that your cycling sunglasses provide maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, cycling sunglasses can also be fitted with prescription lens.

  • Another very important feature which has to be paid heed to while selecting a pair of cycling sunglasses is that how well they fit They should lie close to your face, should not obstruct your vision and shouldn’t be excessively tight. Furthermore, they shouldn’t pinch or prick you at all. Most cycling sunglasses are uni-sex, however some manufacturers have indeed come with a more feminine frame.

It is highly recommended though that you always try on the pair of glasses first before you put them on. Moreover, some cycling sunglasses come with a tailored adjustment and fit. This mostly means that the arm pieces, nose pieces and rubber parts are adjustable and thus can be fitted as per preference.

  • Last but not the least, price also tend to be a major consideration for many. The price at which you can buy cycling sunglasses tends to vary a lot. The more money you pay, the higher quality of lens will you get.

Moreover, cycling sunglasses which come with a hefty price tag generally have many other perks as well such as a lighter yet durable frame and more options for fit adjustment. Also, just like any other sunglasses, they tend to be a fashion accessory. Therefore, the choice of designer labels is also directly proportional to the price of sunglasses.

Hereby, we have listed some of the Best Cycling Sunglasses for you to choose from.

  1. Orao Arenberg
  2. Northwave Predator
  3. Madison D’Arcs triple glasses set
  4. Dhb photochromatic half frame sunglasses
  5. BBB Select Sport Sunglasses
  6. Tifosi Dolomite 2.0 sunglasses
  7. Salice 011 RW sunglasses
  8. BBB Summit glasses
  9. Uvex Sport style 104 glasses
  10. Endura Benita glasses

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