Anti Glare Computer Reading Glasses

This is the AGE OF COMPUTERS. Each one of us is well-acquainted with this fact because these days whether its school, work, leisure whatever, computers have somehow made their way into every single domain of our life. Statistics claim that more than 80% of population use of computers regularly. Although, this means that you get done with lots of your work easily and within a short period of time, however this improved performance does come with lots of consequences such as headaches, blurred eyes, strained vision etc. All these symptoms are collectively categorized under the broader terminology of CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome.

What is CVS?

Excessive work on computer leads to this syndrome which is a problem of vision and eyes. Vision problems surface due to strain on eyes which are a corollary of prolonged and excessive use of computers.

So what is the Solution?

So does this imply that we have to give up our jobs and leave our work to avoid CVS or to recover from it? Fortunately, you do not have to resort to any of these solutions because now you can get hold of computer reading glasses which take care of all the formerly mentioned issues. These glasses can go a long way in improving your vision and can protect you from all the harmful effects of CVS. They not only help reduce the glare, but they also act like a shield against all harmful ultraviolet rays which can ultimately cause cataracts.

What are Computer Reading Glasses?

By now, you might be a little acquainted with what reading glasses do. However, you may still be bewildered by what these glasses actually are.

These are specialized glasses which are specifically designed with the intention of helping reduce the strain and glare on your eyes which is a consequence of excessive computer use. Now a days, these glasses are available in stainless steel which is of a premium quality prone to great flexibility. Moreover, they are also very light and can be found in a variety of frames, including the rimless ones.

How Do These Glasses Function?

Basically, these computer reading glasses are designed for those people who do not use vision correction spectacles. This latter category of people might benefit from their bi-focal glasses.

What happens is that these glasses offer a correction ranging from +0.25 to +0.75. As a consequence, the focal point is reduced to a certain degree which paves the way for strain relief.

Also, these glasses are covered with a thick anti-reflective layer.  This coating is very helpful in reducing the glare which otherwise can have adverse effects on your vision. However, usually this layer of coating is slightly tinted.

  • The Anti-Reflective Coating

This anti-glare layer would prevent your glasses from being scratched easily and would make them more resistant. However, this also means that you will have to clean them more frequently. You can only understand what anti-glare coating does is when you understand what ‘glare’ actually is. This term is generally associated with ‘visual noise’. In case you are wondering what visual noise is, then it is that situation when the surrounding light has greater intensity than that of your computer. As a corollary, your eyes are unable to focus appropriately on the computer screen. The visual noise thus is responsible for this glare which in turn is responsible for vision impairment. Anti-glare coating addresses this issue by checking the visual noise and reducing it.

Which Anti Glare Computer Reading Glasses Designs To Go For?

It has already been mentioned previously that there is a wide array of designs available in computer reading glasses. Although the design that you opt for is your individualistic choice, still we would take the liberty to recommend light, rimless glasses which are low-powered. You may also want to choose lens which cater to your eye sight requirements.

People who use reading glasses otherwise may notice that the computer glasses which work well for them usually have a lower power.

The formerly mentioned correction of +0.25 to +0.75 is ideal for computer reading glasses. They have a low power and work extremely well with the usual distance between the computer and the user, which ranges from 22 inches to 30 inches. However, your best course of action would be to get hold of a pair of computer reading glasses which complement your prescription requirements and also cater to your workplace conditions.

Which Anti Glare Lenses to Choose?

They are generally two broad categories of lens for computer reading glasses.

  1. Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses tend to be more expensive as compared to your normal generic lenses. Also, they have to be manufactured with great caution, taking into account even the minutest details on the prescription. The user may require some time to get adjusted to them.

  1. Melanin Tinted Lenses

Just as melanin absorbs light from the sun and prevents our skin from incurring any damage, similarly these melanin tinted lens absorb light from the computer as well as the surrounding environment so that our eyes do not suffer from any kind of damage. These can easily be found without prescription at any online outlet or drug store.

So if your computer use exceeds two hours every day, then make sure you get yourself a pair of computer reading glasses, because your eyes are precious and they deserve this care.

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